The referee team of the National Ranking Tournament is affirmed. The beautiful referee shines on the field

The 2012 CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station is coming to an end. As the only Chinese billiards ranking tournament in the country, the competition has attracted the country’s top professional players to participate. The beautiful referees in the referee team of this competition have also become the focus of everyone’s attention. According to the reporter’s understanding, the four beautiful referees who participated in the judging of this competition are from Beijing, Chengdu and Luoyang. They have good images and good temperaments, and they are all national first-level referees, which can be said to be the elite of the referees.

Yang Qingyu

Sister Chuan, young but has more than four years of experience in adjudication. High-achieving sports majors have been relieved of billiard refereeing before they leave the campus. “This time I came to Shenyang to judge the National Ranking Tournament and I gained a lot. What impressed me most was that I managed the match between Cong Jing and Wang Tianyi. At that time, the match was arranged on the anchor station and faced so many cameras. At the beginning, I Very nervous. Later I found that the players are more nervous than me. I think they are the protagonists in the game. As a referee, I can’t be more nervous than them. I should help them find confidence. So I quickly adjusted my mentality. With firm conviction, the game ended smoothly in the end.”

Qin Qinzhen

A beautiful referee in Luoyang, Henan Province. She liked billiards since she was a child. She has participated in women’s competitions many times and became a referee because of injuries. With his outstanding performance, he was elected as the judge in the “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Zhengzhou Station. This Shenyang station competition is Qin Qinzhen’s first time out of Henan to participate in the refereeing. Qin Qinzhen’s idol is the legendary Janet Lee. “I admire Janet Lee very much. I think she is cool, feminine and powerful.”

Li Zhen

from Beijing, by chance, signed up for the first national female referee training class called “Whampoa Phase I” in June 2010. After graduation, under the leadership of the Chinese Taiwan Association and senior referees, he participated in many international competitions, including 9-ball, snooker and Chinese billiards. After accumulating a wealth of experience in adjudication, he passed the national first-level referee certificate at the end of last year.

Song Chun

Also from Beijing, she has just passed the national first-level referee certificate. This is Song Chun’s first time to participate in a national competition. She said, “It feels very good.” Song Chun likes to play billiards and also likes to judge competitions. “I like Yang the most. Wahas, he is a gentleman, and his positions are particularly accurate. This is my first time in a national tournament. I especially hope that the players can play at a high level in the games they are adjudicating.” Billiards, host, English They are Song Chun’s three major hobbies. She said: “The microphone in the left hand and the cue stick in the right hand, think about it, I feel very handsome!”

In addition to the four beautiful referees, the referees participating in the judging work of this competition are all very strong. They are the elites of referees from all over the world and have very rich experience in judging. It is their hard work and perseverance, professional and efficient work, that the event can proceed smoothly. Their perfect performance has also been highly praised and affirmed by the players and the organizers.

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