The seventh group of the Champions League wizard Ma Shu won 75 duel, Lv Haotian lost 2 and still has hope of promotion

The seventh group of the Snooker Champions League started. my country’s contestant Lu Haotian has 1 win and 2 losses in the qualifiers, saving his expectations of being promoted to the winner group. After this working group is completed, all participants in the winner group will be clear, and the seven who stand out will compete for the champion of this season’s Champions League winner group.

The Champions League is a new and innovative open competition in snooker. The competition is divided into 7 working groups. The working group starts with a round robin to arrange the results. The final few players are eliminated, and then the remaining players start their work. Group finals and finals competition, in which the overall champion of the working group will enter the winner group. This working group will be postponed to the next working group except for the eliminated contestants. They will form a new working group with the newly added contestants. This standard continues until the seventh working group, and the winner group composed of the final seven working groups will compete for the final championship.

The seventh working group competition that was launched that day was extremely messy, and after the half-time of the competition, none of the participants maintained a big victory. Among them, our young player Lu Haotian successively lost to Milkins and Dort in two 1 to 3 matches, and then he took Wharton 3 to 0. Because the top four in the working group can advance to the knockout rounds, Lu Haotian, who has a 1 win and 2 losses, still maintains his promotion expectations.

In addition, there was also a 75 match in the event, where Higgins played against Mark Williams. As a result, Higgins scored 130 and 69 points in a single stroke, and then sealed the enemy 3-0. In the working group at this stage, Mark Williams leads with 3 wins and 1 loss, Higgins, Dortmund, Gilbert advertises 2 wins and 1 loss, and Wharton ranks the bottom with 3 losses.

It is worth mentioning that, due to the open competition and the unique rules of the game, football players who appear more frequently in the Champions League and are not eliminated will receive higher accumulated rewards. The winners of the previous six working groups made it clear that they were Neil Robertson, Bingham, Gary Wilson, Donaldson, McGill, Trump, and Chinese contestant Ding Junhui was absent from the competition for many years.

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