Xiao Guodong and Li Xing are shortlisted for the World Open, Niu Zhuang 4-5 Alberton

On the morning of August 8, Beijing time, the 2017 Snooker World Open Qualifying Tournament ended the next day of competition. As for the Chinese players, Xiao Guodong broke a hundred in a single stroke, 5-3 Lectra German professional rookie Kleix, and Li Xing joined hands to receive tickets to the homeland war. The professional rookie Niu Zhuang lost only one game to former world champion Alberton, which can be said to be a glorious defeat.

Xiao Guodong from Chongqing has ushered in his tenth season after turning professional. During the 2013 Shanghai Masters, he broke into the ranking finals for the first time, and last year he won his second personal ranking runner-up in a limited time match last year. In the professional snooker arena where there are many masters, it is not easy to achieve such results. Currently, Xiao Guodong is ranked 39th in the world.

Prior to the World Open Qualifying Tournament, there have been one ranking round and four ranking round qualifying rounds this season. Xiao Guodong stopped the first round of the main round in the opening match of the Riga Masters. He successfully won the ticket for the local battle at the Chinese Championships. . He was eliminated in the Indian Open and European Masters qualifiers held earlier this week. For Xiao Guodong, his current state still needs further adjustment.

On that day, Xiao Guodong showed obvious signs of recovery. Contested with the professional rookie Klerks from Germany, Xiao Guodong made a timely shot after losing a game first. He scored 59 points and 62 points in a single shot to score the two cities and overtook his opponent 2-1. Xiao Guodong’s performance inspired Klerks’ fighting spirit. Klerks, who had just passed Q-School’s professional qualification this season, proved his basic skills with 61 points in a single stroke, and the two tied 2-2.

In the fifth round, the competition between the two sides became fierce. In the process of alternating hands, the two players were very close. Xiao Guodong took the game with a 66-60 advantage of only 6 points, and regained the lead 3-2.

Klecks, who had knocked out Australian star Robertson in the first round of the season’s opener, upset the Australian star Robertson, played tenaciously and scored 87 points in the sixth inning. The two sides returned 3-3 again. The same starting line.

Xiao Guodong returned with a more fierce attack. In the seventh game, he caught the opponent’s mistake and scored 126 points in a single shot. In the next eighth game, Xiao Guodong once again took advantage of his opponent’s loopholes to win with 80 points and one stroke. In this way, Xiao Guodong gave the newcomer a good lesson 5-3, and after the China Championships, he once again won the home country. Tickets to the war.

Li Xing’s opponent is Finnish veteran Hull. In the first four games, Li Xing established a 3-1 lead. Hull scored two of the next three innings, during which he scored 89 and 131 points. Li Xing steadily played 71-0 to close the eighth game, with a total score of 5-3 and smoothly advanced.

Niu Zhuang, who has just turned professional this season, did not show his timidity in front of the world champion Albert. Without a single stroke of 50 points, he pushed his opponent to the decisive game. In the end, Mo Wang, who had a break of one hundred and two shots of 60+ in his hand, only passed the risk 5-4.

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