[Chinese Billiards Super Contest] The second stage of the main match, the favorites to win the first battle have won

On December 19, the second stage of the 2019 “Xingpai·Kangxi Shengshi·Waluojia” Cup Chinese Billiards Super Rivalry Tournament kicked off. After this match day, 16 players bid farewell to this event, and the remaining players will compete for the third stage tickets tomorrow.

The first round of all matches started in the morning. At this stage, Chu Bingjie lost only one round to overtake Xu Zichun, and Lei Yiwei, Yang Fan, Zhao Ruliang and others also easily passed. Dai Yong tipped and defeated Chen Shuangyou 11-7. Wan Tongle and Zhang Kunpeng are quite suspenseful in this round, but Wan Tongle abstained and entered the defeat. Tang Chunxiao defeated Yu Longhai 11-8 and entered the victory department.

In the evening, the losing players started a life and death battle. Shan Hongyu, who lost to Liu Bing 9-11 in the morning, regained his form and beat Li Xu 11-3. Wan Tongle returned to the game and beat Ma Xin 11-4. Xiao Liu Chuang 11-6 eliminated Liang Shiyu.

According to the schedule, the third round of the race will be all produced tomorrow afternoon. The 32 players who are promoted will start the first round of the single elimination phase tomorrow night.

2019 “Xingpai·Kangxi Shengshi·Waluojia” Cup Chinese Billiards Super Competition is a large-scale event incorporated into the Chinese Billiards Association’s points system. It is an important battle for players to grab points and strive to qualify for the Chinese Billiards World Championship next year. As the game progresses, the competition for tickets to the Chinese Billiards World Championship will become more intense.

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