The Chinese Legion collectively launched a single limited time match, 10 players entered the top 32 to create history, won the championship and won 5 games in a row

On February 23, the World Snooker Tour single limited time match will start the final day competition. 32 players need to fight for 5 rounds in one day until the final champion is determined. For the Chinese Army, this special competition system has become the biggest beneficiary. Although there is no brother Ding Junhui to participate, there are as many as 10 people who have advanced to the top 32, refreshing the best record in the history of the Chinese Army. They are Yan Bingtao. , Liang Wenbo, Zhou Yuelong, Xiao Guodong, Lu Haotian, Li Xing, Mei Xiwen, Zhang Anda, Luo Honghao and Lei Peifan, veterans and newcomers are all available, and Chinese players have become the most beautiful boys in this competition.

Due to its unique format, the single-time limited-time tournament has become a “wonder” in the entire season tour. As the name of the tournament, players only need to play one round per round, and the time limit is within 10 minutes, and the first 5 minutes is 15 seconds. Restriction, after 5 minutes and 10 seconds, all fouls are regarded as the ball in hand, and the cue ball is placed in all positions on the table. Such a thrilling and exciting competition system allows many low-ranking players to experience the thrill of killing high-ranking celebrities. In addition, this year’s single limited-time tournament determines the number of players in the player tournament, attracting popular kings who have not participated in the event for a long time.” Rockets” O’Sullivan participated in the competition and became the biggest attraction and traffic of the event.

The    Single Limited Time Tournament has existed as an invitational tournament for six years. At that time, it could attract some famous players to appear in guest appearances, but it did not have a championship record. Since 2017, it has been upgraded to a ranked competition, and it is still not favored by high-ranking players. So far, in the entire championship list, there has never been a top 16 player in the world who has won the championship. It is the Chinese player Xiao Guodong who reached the finals twice in 2015 and 2017, but both regretted that he missed the championship. In addition, because of the low prize money of the single-time limited-time championship, it has become a major reason for the ignorance of the famous players. The prize money for the championship for many years was only 32,000 pounds, which was the lowest among the more than 20 ranked competitions in the year. However, this year’s tournament has raised the championship prize to £50,000, which makes people more or less motivated. After all, winning the championship only needs to win 7 games in a row.

Although Ding Junhui has not signed up for the competition after the single limited time match was upgraded to a ranked match, it did not affect the enthusiasm of other players in the Chinese Army to participate. This year’s competition attracted 22 mainland Chinese players to register. After the first round, 15 people advanced to the top 64, and another 10 people successfully won and advanced to the top 32 in the second round. This number also created the highest number of ranking competitions in the past. And entering the final day, the Chinese Army has a great opportunity to achieve better results, and even the championship. After all, the single-time limited-time competition system determines that everything is possible. After all, the champion O’Sullivan is also ranked 111th in the world. The unnamed people are eliminated, hoping that the Chinese Legion can make history again.

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