Results of the first round of the 2019 British Championships 13 Chinese players advanced to the top 64

Xingpai Billiards News On November 28, 2019, the first round of the Snooker Championship was completed. Match No. 1 and No. 2 seeds ——

O’Sullivan and Trump retired at the last hour and defeated the two fish-belly players without any suspense. Yan Bingtao scored 3 strokes and won a hundred. In the end, 13 Chinese players were promoted to the top 64. After a day off, the second round of the British Championships will be in full swing.

The defending champion O’Sullivan’s opponent in the first round is the only amateur player Bulman in this competition. O’Sullivan did his best after the game ended, scoring 88, 90, 133 and 66 points in a row to get a 4-0 lead. Bulman only scored 40 points in the first 4 games. It is worth mentioning that O’Sullivan gave up the black ball and chose the pink ball after finishing 15 red and 14 black in the 3rd inning. However, O’Sullivan did not score a blue goal in the clearing stage. “We passed by. Returning from the break, O’Sullivan was unrelenting and won 6-0 after winning 2 consecutive games. Less than 80 minutes in the game, O’Sullivan’s average stroke time was only 13.8 seconds.

Trump also defeated the African champion Amiri from Morocco with a score of 6-0. However, Trump only scored 125 points in the second round of the entire game, and there was no more than 50+. The two players will meet again in the first round of the next Scottish Open, which is indeed a bit unfortunate for Amiri.

Murphy drew 4-4 with the world-ranked 126-ranked Sharaf after losing 2 games in a row, and went out with a 4-6 score. Sharaf got the first success of the season, and Murphy became the world’s highest-ranked knockout in this year’s British Championships after experiencing one round in two consecutive British Championships.

Joe Perry’s slightly thrilling 6-5 lore against Lichtenberg, including Maguire, Ding Junhui and Carter, the main contenders for the last three seats of the Masters Tournament all upgraded to the top 64. In other competitions, Allen, Tachaia, Lisovsky and others took the last train to upgrade.

Yan Bingtao performed well in the game against Figueiredo, scoring 111, 121 and 127 points in a single stroke, becoming the player with the most 100 breaks in a single game in the first round, and finally defeated his opponent by a score of 6-1. Xiao Guodong also won 6-1, Fan Zhengyi won the Chinese derby with Zhou Yuelong 6-4, Mexiwen beat Dahdi 6-4 with a break. Chang Bingyu and Zhang Ankang lost to Mark King and Wollaston respectively.

After the first round of the competition, 13 of the 25 Chinese players who participated in the competition reached the top 64. Liang Wenbo rushed back to China due to family affairs and regrettably withdrew from the British Championships. There will be 12 Chinese players in the second round of practice.

28th result

Xiao Guodong 6-1 R. Laura, Yan Bingtao 6-1 I. Figueiredo, J. Lisowski 6-2 D. Lili, R. Williams 6-3 Luo Honghao, Zhou Yuelong 4-6 Fan Zhengyi, A. Hamilton

6-2 S. Baird, A. McManus 6-1 E. Slyther, k. Dahdi 5-6 Mehivan

T. Ford 3-6 D. Grace, S. Murphy 4-6 E. Sharaf, M. Jin 6-5 Chang Bingyu, M. White 6-2 F. O’Brien, M. Aldner 6-4

K. Hillani, K. Ma Fulin 6-2 Tu Zhenlong, J. Perry 6-5 S. Lichtenberg, J. Trump 6-0 A. Amiri.

R. O’Sullivan 6-0 R. Bulman, R. Milkins VS H. Chandler, T. Unu 6-5 J. O’Neill, L. Highfield 6-2 M. Dunn, M. Allen 6-3

J. White, B. Wollaston 6-2 Zhang Ankang, J. Robertson 6-4 K. Philippiac, K. Wakelin 6-3 A. Katy

30th (second round) schedule

21: 00

R. O’Sullivan VS Tian Pengfei, N. Sancam VS A. McGill, Li Xing VS Xiao Guodong, Fu Jiajun VS K. Wilson, I. Burns VS M. Holt, S. Bingham VS

M. Gould, M. Jin VS Lu Haotian, M. Stevens VS R. wore


D. Wales VS E. Sharaf, T. Uno VS Zhao Xintong, R. Williams VS N. Robertson, A. Hamilton VS J. Cahill, L. Highfield VS

M. Selby, M. Allen VS J. Jones, S. Donaldson VS B. Wollaston, B. Hawkins VS A. McManus

1st (second round) schedule

21: 00

Ding Junhui VS M. George U, A. Carter VS R. Milkins/H. Chandler, S. Carrington VS Yan Bingtao, P. Alberton VS J. Lisowski, Fan Zhengyi VS

M. Davis, G. Dot VS Yuan Sijun, L. Hiscot VS N. Bond, Mexivan VS J. Trump


J. Higgins VS Lu Ning, M. Williams VS M. White, S. Maguire VS J. Brown, M. Aldner VS R. Wharton, J. Robertson VS K. Ma Fulin, C. Wakelin

VS G. Wilson, S. Akani VS J. Perry

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