O’Sullivan achieves eight British championships in response to low income: when I am stupid?

27 years of professional life, 72 titles, can be compared with Woods, Federer, this is O’Sullivan. Starting today, the Snooker British Championships will open, and O’Sullivan, who is about to turn 44, will hit three consecutive championships here.

In the 1993 British Championships, O’Sullivan, who had just transitioned into his career for a year, won the three major championships for the first time when he was under 18 years old. At that time, he defeated the booming Hendry 10-6 in the final.

In 1997, 2001, 2007, 2014, 2017, and 2018, O’Sullivan won the British Championships six times and achieved seven championships. If he wins again this year, he will not only complete three consecutive championships, but also win the British Championship for the eighth time.

British Championship is O’Sullivan’s blessed ground, and even coffee is considered the best by fire teachers. After winning the championship last year, O’Sullivan stood on the obstacles around the table, raised the trophy, and poured a bottle of water on his head. O’Sullivan said: “I was irritated by the audience.” “Obviously, this is an important competition. Sometimes your mood will get out of control, and I am more moody than usual.”

But there is more. O’Sullivan actually wants to put up two fingers to indicate that he won the 19th three-game championship. Over the past 30 years, O’Sullivan has won five World Championships, seven British Championships and seven Masters Championships. He has also become the player who has won the most three championships in history. Hendry, who retired in 2012, has 18 times. Won the championship of three major tournaments. O’Sullivan’s record once again proved that he is the greatest player in the history of the sport.

In a recent social media post, O’Sullivan claimed that breaking the Hendry record is one of his proudest things as a snooker player. This is a grand achievement.

Neil Robertson once said that O’Sullivan is the Federer in the snooker category, and may even be better than Federer. O’Sullivan is flattered by this evaluation of his opponent. Teacher Huo said: “The best way to judge how your professional life is finished is to stop comparing with others. I have seen the performance of Federer and Woods. They have four grand slams a year, and snooker has three, but I It takes longer to play, I think it makes my results look bad, but I haven’t finished my math problems yet.”

O’Sullivan’s winning rate of the three finals was 25%. He won 19 of 76 games. Federer is 25.6% and Woods is 17.9%. At the age of 17, he won the British Championship and asked O’Sullivan to throw ground on the ordinary five-sports. He said: “Because I am also a player, I regard the weak in other events as the low-ranking players in snooker. I just I want to say I don’t have time to watch people like this.” O’Sullivan said that he would not watch tennis matches unless it was Federer, Djokovic or Nadal; nor football, unless Messi was playing; nor would he watch. Golf, unless Woods plays.

Of course, O’Sullivan has no prize money. His professional income over the years is 10.9 million pounds. This is a significant figure, but it complements the tennis and golf players. “Tennis, golf, F1, football are all global sports, I’m not stupid, they look very attractive. Snooker’s absorption is not that great, I understand, but you have to do your best.”

Today, O’Sullivan’s biggest opponent is 30-year-old Trump, and O’Sullivan does not hesitate to praise his words. But the fire teacher also said that now it is determined whether Trump is a GOAT (Greatest Of

All Time

) It’s still early for fashion, and it’s better to talk about it ten years later. “If you want to become the greatest player ever, you have to do it in 10-12 years-15 years. He has a good season, and the time for a huge player is far longer than one year. “O’Sullivan said Trump is an excellent player, a genius player, but genius will only take you so far, there are some other elements.

After 27 years of professional life, O’Sullivan has long been a legend, a legend like Federer and Woods.

O’Sullivan’s opponent in the first round of this British Championships is Ross Bullman, local time at 19:30 on the 28th, Beijing time on the 29th at 3:30 in the morning.

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