O’Sullivan joins snooker single game limited time

On February 20-23, 2020, the snooker single limited time game will start at the Roman Empire ring theatre in Leeds United. Because of O’Sullivan’s signing up and the final lineup of the star open, there is no need for the single limited time match for many years, and finally entered a big explosion of topics.
The first limited time competition was founded in 1990. Darren Morgan, the Welsh Hostel, won the first championship. Barry Hearn revived the competition in 2011 and held it in a non ranking way for six years. During this period, Hawkins, bond, Gould and other six different competitors won their respective awards. In 2017, the single limited time competition was updated into a ranking competition, which was open to 128 contestants. Jill, georgewu and tachiaya won the championship in turn.


What is more embarrassing is that when it becomes a single limitation of ranking competition, there seems to be not too many topics except for its own unconventional competition rules. In the past three competitions, the total champion’s reward was only 32000 in the single limited competition, which was at the bottom of the ranking competition. The low reward makes it less harmful to the star open. Even in terms of time, in the past three years, the single limited time match is not the last match before the open, so it can not have the ultimate fundamental effect. Under that background, in the previous three single limited time competitions, only about half of the top 16 competitors would choose the competition.

After three years of dispensability, in 2020, the topic of single limited competition suddenly broke out. First of all, the total champion reward was increased to 50000 in the single limited competition. Although it still lays the foundation in the ranking competition, its reputation for the players’ open lineup has just begun to improve. Secondly, because of the cancellation of the Indian open, the single limited time match will become the last match before the open, which will have the ultimate fundamental effect on the single season top 16 roster.

In this context, the latest news is that 11 of the top 16 players in the world compete. Although Robertson and trumpu, the two contenders with a bonus of 150000 yuan in the European Championship, have not applied for the exam and will fight to the death in San Marino, Higgins and Ding Junhui also choose to be absent. But if only one contestant had signed up, it would have been enough: Ronnie O’Sullivan.

It’s O’Sullivan’s first sign up for the single limitation of the ranking features. He’ll play at the last minute of the first round (3:00 on February 22) against Mike manus. Previously, O’Sullivan signed up twice in 2011 and 2015 to participate in the single limited time competition, one in the finals and one in the second round. O’Sullivan’s overall goal of signing up for this session is to save his 16th place in a single season, so as to get the chance to be a star in the open, and then to have an impact on the tour open, which can only be signed up in the first eight of a single season.

With the Welsh League top 4 test results, O’Sullivan will own single season ranking from the 20th to the 16th, but this does not guarantee its entry to the star open. If O’Sullivan is defeated in the first round of the single limit game, then 20 stars will get the opportunity to cross the “rocket”. The closest challenger is Gary Wilson, who ranks 17th. He has to reach the 8000 Euro finals in the single limit time. Rich Wharton is 36th, 4925 behind O’Sullivan, which means he has to win the championship to catch up.

First round match of single game limited time & schedule

20, 21:00

A。 Borg vs t. Uno, S. Maddox vs I. Figueredo, K. Ma Fulin vs. yuan Sijun, D. Dell vs M. Mann, D. Lilly vs. G. Wilson, Zhang Anda

Vs. fan Zhengyi, M. Davis vs H. Chandler, i. Boyko vs. Chang Bingyu

M。 Williams vs L. Bretcher, browning vs D. Wells, Si Jiahui vs Xiao Guodong, D. Grace vs. D. Yang, M. Joyce vs C. Wei Kelin, Zhao Xintong vs

L。 Chrysler, S. Akani vs M. Selby

21, 3:00

K。 Wilson vs. M. White, L. Heathcot vs. J. Clark, a. McGill vs Zhang Jiankang, L. Hayfield vs. J. Cahill, a. Pajit vs

S。 Bingham, a. Hughel vs. J. O’Neill, Melvin vs M. Celt, Tu Zhenlong vs n. Weng harutai

M。 Allen vs Luo Honghao, Li Hang vs a. Stefano, LV Haotian vs R. Parsons, P. Davidson vs a. Hamilton, R. Milkins vs

D。 Gilbert, S. Lichtenberg vs. rapivan, J. O’Connor vs E. Sleiser, J. White vs. M. Stevens

21, 21:00

S。 Murphy vs K. Shirani, S. Vakhdi vs a. Boden, B. Wallaston vs D. Jones, R. McQueen vs a. Hill, S. Donaldson vs. J. Brown, M. Georgewood

VS R。 Bruman, R. Wharton vs Tian Pengfei, L. Walker vs. lunin

Chen Zifan vs a. Carter, M. Gould vs a. Higginson, a. Amiri vs. M. Holt, C. Steadman vs. M. MIHA, J. Lisovsky vs

A。 Hicks, H. Vafi vs a. Wusenbach, M. Gould vs R. Lola, i. Burns vs R. Evans

22, 3:00

K。 Filipiac vs. K. Dahdi, B. Pinkis vs R. Dai, t. Ford vs Zhou Yuelong, Li Junwei vs B. Casol, Xu Si vs Yan bingtao, S. Baird vs

J。 Jones, n. Sankham vs a. Katie, M. Dunn vs. J. Astley

J。 Page vs B. Hawkins, B. Sargent vs. E. Shalaf, Liang Wenbo vs o. Raines, F. O’Brien vs Chen Feilong, J. Robertson vs. J. Perry, F. Patrick

VS S。 Carrington, P. Raines vs s. Craig, a. McManus vs. R. O’Sullivan

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