Wales match Ding Junhui defeated 37-year-old veteran 4-1 to advance to the third round

On February 12, the Welsh League of Global Snooker will compete in the second round of competition. In the first time frame of the event, Ding Junhui defeated Rich Wharton 4-1 to advance to the third round. Among them, Rich Wharton scored 127 points in a single shot in the second game, but still couldn’t surpass Ding Junhui’s victory. Ding Junhui chose a single-stroke with 88 points to lock the victory in the 5th game, and in the first game, he also scored a single-stroke with 74 points.

The most concerned event in this time frame is undoubtedly the match between Ding Junhui and Rich Wharton. Previously, they had fought each other 8 times, winning 4 wins and 4 losses respectively. In the past two years, Ding Junhui and Rich Wharton have not faced each other. The last time they faced each other was in the 2018 French Championship. Ding Junhui won 5-2 at that time.

In this event, Ding Junhui immediately reached his best form, scoring 74 points in a single stroke in the first game, winning the first game. Rich Wharton gave it a go and used tones in the second game and scored 127 points in a single shot.

The second round. Ding Junhui scored 48 points after the fight and won another game 67 to 38, leading 2-1. In the 4th game, Wharton continued to score first, but since then he passed the opportunity to Ding Junhui. Ding Junhui used a single stroke to clarify the victory of the game and changed the score of the game to 3-1 by 68 to 15. In the 5th round, Ding Junhui continued to work hard, scored 88 points in a single stroke, defeated the enemy, and was promoted to the third round.

Chen Zifan lost Selby 1 to 4. Previously, it was difficult to imagine a battle against each other. Chen Zifan’s performance in the first game was mainly refined, winning the first game 75 to 53. But since then, Selby has slowly demonstrated the advantages of rich experience, and Chen Zifan has given the enemy opportunities several times. Selby has won 4 games in a row since then and was promoted to the third round. In the 3rd and 5th innings, Selby scored 51 and 68 points in a single stroke respectively.

In other games, Sijiahui failed to seize the opportunity in a 2-1 lead situation. Wahdi won 3 games in a row and reversed Sijiahui 4-2. Mexivan lost to McGill 1-4.

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