Ding Junhui defeated his opponent 5-2 in a single shot with 128 points in the Chinese Championships and joined Xiaote to enter the second round

Xingpai China Billiards Association official website news on the evening of August 17th, the 2017 Snooker China Championship continued. In the evening game, Chinese dragon Ding Junhui played steadily with three shots 60+ and one shot breaking 100, with a total score of 5-2. Easily defeated opponents to advance to the second round, and will compete with veteran Alan McManus for the top 16 seat. At the same time, Judd Trump also successfully advanced with a 5-2 victory over his opponent.

In the evening, the most popular Chinese player Ding Junhui was ushered in. The opponent is the 61st-ranked Elfie Burton in the world. Ding Junhui and the 40-year-old England player have never played against each other in the past. The encounter was in the competition. The first duel. The game started at 7:30 and was judged by the king of the referee Yang Wohas. Burton kicked off the ball in the first game. During a defensive battle, Burton lightly touched the ball and sent 4 points. Ding Junhui handled the game. Slightly careless, Burton took the lead, but only got 6 points and interrupted the opportunity. Ding Junhui scored 22 points and handed over the ball with a mid-bag offensive error. Burton then won the first game with 100 points.

After the kick-off in the second game, Burton’s far-field offense missed and left the red ball in the pocket and the thin ball offensive opportunity. Ding Junhui scored the red ball and scored 38 points before turning to the defense. After a few strokes, Ding Junhui cue ball sank to the bottom and defended. Dayton risked an attack on the bag and the difficult red ball missed the chance to miss the middle of the table. Ding Junhui used a pole offensive error to return the table. Burton scored 26 points and interrupted. After that, Burton made another mistake to send the opportunity. Ding Junhui single shot 64 points to clear the table. The score tied at 1-1. At the beginning of the third game, Ding Junhui took the initiative, Burton missed the chance to return the ball but the cue ball was posted in the library. Ding Junhui pushed the red ball to the bottom of the pocket more. The red ball was scattered in the second half of the table to give the opponent an excellent opportunity. Burton failed. Grasping the opportunity to get a simple ball error with only 24 points, Ding Junhui took over to win with a single shot of 85 points, rewriting the score to 2-1.

After the kick-off in the fourth game, Burton’s offensive missed the missed opportunity. Ding Junhui scored 16 points and turned to defense. After a long time of competition, Burton had a loophole. Ding Junhui took a thin and wide-angle red ball into the middle pocket, but he had After 7 points, it was interrupted again. Burton then used a pole to attack the side library and the red ball missed again. Ding Junhui missed the opportunity and did not score the red ball back. Burton made frequent mistakes and failed to continue scoring in a good situation, and Ding Junhui was also one. Time couldn’t find the touch. The two sides entered a tug-of-war. Ding Junhui scored 53-16 when a red ball remained. After a period of entanglement, Burton accidentally flipped the red ball into his pocket but failed to score the colored ball and was overtaken. Too many points and surrendered, the score expanded to 3-1.

The fifth game started after a break. After the kick-off, Ding Junhui missed the offense and left his mid-pocket on the phone. Burton scored 14 points and turned to defense. Burton hit a red ball after one round. At the mouth of the bag, Ding Junhui scored the red ball overhand and flopped into the black ball smoothly into the game. With 91 points in a single stroke, the score continued to expand to 4-1 and won the match point of this game. In the sixth inning, Burton scored 52 points through the offensive from the far stage. A simple straight red ball did not advance and he lost control of his emotions. The impatient Burton made a strong offensive gift in the subsequent defense. Ding Junhui scored 18 points. After continuing to defend, Ding Junhui failed to control the situation in the entanglement, Burton scored 18 points to complete the overscore to save a match point.

In the seventh game, Ding Junhui accidentally left a more difficult offensive opportunity when the cue ball sank to the bottom of the defense. Burton scored the red ball and only scored 7 points before interrupting the opportunity. Ding Junhui single-shot 128 points cleared the table and fixed the score. 5-2, easily advanced to the second round.

In another game at the same time, Judd Trump played against the world ranked 62nd Daniel Wells. After Wells won the first game 75-13, Trump scored 67 points and 86 in a row. In the fourth round, Wells tied the score 2-2 with a single shot with 97 points and entered the break. In the fifth and sixth rounds, Trump scored 105 points and 97 points on a single stroke for two consecutive rounds. The zero-sealed opponent got the match point 4-2. In the seventh round of the tug-of-war, Trump secured the victory 81-40, and the total score was 5-2 to win the game.

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