Star national Chinese billiards Ranking Competition Liaoning Branch ninth floor billiards won the right to undertake

The 2012 CBSA “star Cup” national Chinese billiards ranking competition in Liaoning, after the warm-up and publicity of Zhengzhou, has gradually entered a good situation. The qualification matches of eight national divisions are extremely wonderful, which has attracted the active participation and attention of professional experts and fans from all over the country. The final flower of this competition has also attracted countless attention. In the end, Shenyang ninth floor billiards club, with its strong strength and sincere support for the game, won the competition for the right to hold the competition, which has attracted much attention.

As one of the areas with the strongest atmosphere of Chinese billiards and the highest overall level of the masses in China, Shenyang has been looking forward to the holding of the Chinese billiards ranking competition for a long time. Many gymnasiums, shopping malls and ball houses have actively participated in the competition for the most authoritative and formal national Chinese billiards ranking competition. Shenyang ninth floor billiards club has won the competition for the right to hold this competition with its high-grade and elegant decoration conditions, a large number of professional standard Chinese billiards competition tables, first-class service level and sincere support for holding the competition. Zhao Xizheng, general manager of the ninth floor billiards club, can’t help but take a long breath after finally signing the hosting agreement. In his opinion, in addition to the high level of software and hardware, the ninth floor billiards club can stand out this time and impress the Chinese billiards organizing committee. What is more important is the sincere competition organization plan and competition scheme put forward by the ninth floor billiards club. In order to hold the Chinese billiards ranking competition, Mr. Zhao has communicated with the organizer xingpai for countless times. In order to meet the requirements of the Chinese billiards competition, Mr. Zhao has been busy with every detail of the ball room decoration and design. In the end, the hard work also got rich rewards. The most authoritative, formal and glorious Chinese billiards ranking competition in China finally settled in the ninth floor billiards club. At that time, the eyes of tens of millions of Chinese billiards fans will gather here, and the style and charm of the ninth floor billiards club will be known to more people.

According to general manager Zhao, Shenyang ninth floor billiards club has a business area of 1500 square meters, with 24 star top tables, which is a rare billiards room in Shenyang with all top tables. When playing on the stage in star’s top professional games, fans can not only experience the feeling brought by the best table, but also hone their real skills to compete with Chinese billiards masters from all over the country. In addition, the ball room has spent a lot of money on high-end decoration, crystal clear crystal decorative chandeliers, antique red bricks bring a kind and natural atmosphere, and gouache full of individual artistic atmosphere. I believe that the ninth floor billiards club will certainly give a good feeling to the fans and friends who come here to play. For the upcoming Chinese billiards ranking competition in Shenyang, Liaoning, we are full of confidence Look forward to it.

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