[Wonderful review] How did the “post-00s” teenager reverse the championship of the Shinke Masters?

On February 23, British local time, the Snooker single limited time match entered the final match day. 10 Chinese players will launch an impact on the championship.

Yan Bingtao, who reached the semi-finals of the Welsh Open last week, is also one of them. This season, the “post-00” teenager has achieved a big explosion. After winning the rankings for the first time in the Riga Masters, he reached the semi-finals in the powerful British Championships and Welsh Open.

Let’s look back at the process of reversing Bingham, the champion of the New Division Masters, in the Welsh Open tiebreaker. After being over-pointed, Yan Bingtao showed his age, which was somewhat inconsistent with his age, and used a one-shot snooker to resolve the gap. The final 1 point lore.

Looking forward to more exciting performances of the Chinese Army!

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