In a single game, Xiao Guodong directly blasted 10 Chinese players to advance

Snooker billiards single-limit time match was in the third UEFA Champions League, and all the second rounds came to an end. Among them, Xiao Guodong and Qianmao Xiaobian Bobby each had over one hundred shots. This tournament has over one hundred shots. Four shots, tied with the previous year; 10 people including Liang Wenbo and Yan Bingtao of the Chinese legionary won the next round; O’Sullivan lost his level and defeated Castell, and the qualifications of the Athletes’ Open were not strong.

The enemy of O’Sali text game is the fat “Old Castle Brother” Castell. The latter one lost the simple red number twice in the opening game, but what about the main performance of the fire teacher during this period? He scored twice. After the red number, the black ball was lost immediately, the right hand tried to attack unsuccessfully, and a bag fell shortly afterwards, attacking the unopened Castell. At this time, the successful snooker with one shot was embarrassed. Sullivan, the Rockets bounced the ball and hit the black penalty with 7 points, and for the second time handed the other side a free kick. This time Castell did not waste the extravagant opportunity, accumulated results successfully and finally won.

O’Sullivan missed three times in the entire game and it was not considered a useless attack, and there were a total of three offensive fouls. Such a main performance should make the fans feel chilling. Losing in the second round means that his qualifications for the Open Tournament are already risky. The basic theory includes Lisowski, Hawkins, etc., which will often be surpassed, while Chinese athletes Zhou Yuelong, Liang Wenbo, Xiao Guodong, etc. There is also a chance.

But the high-ranking contestants who failed miserably that day were far more than Rockets alone. In the match between Uncle Ma and Ashley Katy, he opened the limit moment to chase points in the final one and a half minutes. He did not know that because there was too little time left, he fell short and was replaced; Karen Wilson, who took on today’s opener He couldn’t escape being eliminated and lost to amateur Aaron Hill; Gilbert scored 50 points in a single stroke, but he still lost the veteran Hamilton; Alibaba Kutche even more, he made a single stroke of 63 The score was scored, but the enemy Sagitt finally turned against the wind; in addition to defending Tachaia also retreated steadily, losing to John Lanes.

The top 16 contestants have gone through a new round of physical and mental baptism in a blink of an eye. Murphy’s accuracy in this game is gratifying, the countermeasures are appropriate, the defense is integrated, and he successfully defeated the “little meat star” Ursenbach; Hawkins’ single 67 points helped him gain; Perry and Ryan Day competed fiercely, and finally won by 5 points; Lisowski defeated Patrick, and also saved some self-esteem for the “quick shooters”.

Although Liang Wenbo’s event was a bit thrilling, Guizai still successfully won O’Donnell; Xiao Guodong scored 101 points in the match against Hugh Gilbi, and contributed a third stroke for this competition. Luo Honghao, who he later appeared on the field, scored 63 points and succeeded in defeating Figueredo of Mexico; Zhang Anda was also the main performance of a single shot with 53 points, and Dahdi, who was defeated by him, was still interested in the defeat. Active playing field atmosphere; Mei Xiwen once again wore the “Hubei Province Fuel” chest mark to play, and once again the design style of winning stably, replacing the veteran Bond; Li Xing defeated Chen Feilong in a civil war between the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Party.

At noon local time, Zhou Yuelong and Yan Bingtao defeated Andrew Higginson and his current full-point owner Tu Zhenlong by the same total score, and they were promoted side by side; the younger Lei Peifan, who appeared in the middle of the “Gemini”, At the last minute, 2 forces overwhelmed Ma Fulin and won another victory; in addition, Lu Haotian defeated the veteran Marco Richardson. At this point, a total of 10 Chinese athletes have entered the third round. Xiao Guodong and Zhang Anda, Mei Xiwen and Lei Peifan will start the next round of derby.

Zhao Xintong, who was hopeful, came on the field today with a unique “quadruple cone” design. After being first scored 41 by the enemy Wollaston, Zhao Xintong scored 46 points on two entrances to catch up with the situation, but because he missed the black ball, Since then, there was an opportunity when the defense was released. Wollaston was enough to gain the dominance again and finally make a big reversal; Chang Bingyu, who appeared in the first game, lost Burns and Lu Ning with a 6-point difference in the new round. Lost to Jamie Clark, the top four of the previous competitions, Tian Pengfei attempted a major reversal and defeated Sancam of the Philippines.

In some other games, the editor of Qian Mao Bobby contributed 107 over 100 single shots for the fourth in this tournament, and also defeated Jordan Brown, the four over 100 shots, and tied the record of the previous tournament; The 17-year championship microphone Gill won the match with Dell with 72 points. Participants who won in the new round also include Dean Young, Wahdi, Bulman, Dunn, Holt, and Steadman.

On the final day of the single limited time match, there will be five rounds in a row, from the top 32 to the final champion. The specific matches in the third round are as follows:

Katy VS Dunn, Hamilton VS Bulman

Liang Wenbo VS McGill, Lu Haotian VS Wahdi

Jack Jones VS Peter Lanes, Clark VS Lee Hang

Zhou Yuelong VS Lisovsky, Zhang Anda VS Xiao Guodong

Song Shava VS Perry, Steadman VS Hill

Luo Honghao VS Castell, Burns VS Holt

Lei Peifan VS Mei Xiwen, Yan Bingtao VS Dean Yang

Hawkins VS Wollaston, Sagitt VS Sean Murphy

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