Why Yan Bingtao retire? How long does Yan Bingtao retire from the Masters?

On January 21, 2020, Chinese contestant Yan Bingtao accidentally fell in the shower room and injured his abdomen. This accident prompted him to withdraw from the upcoming European Championship. Following the doctor’s advice, Yan Bingtao must recuperate for half a month, and will return to the Global Challenge on February 3rd.

Yan Bingtao went to the hospital outpatient clinic after a fall. After a diagnosis, Yan Bingtao suffered an abdominal injury and must recuperate for 2 weeks. During the period, he could not sign up for a snooker competition. Yan Bingtao was forced to miss the European Championships to be played in Italy, and quickly submitted a table tennis withdrawal application to the World Snooker Series (WST).

In the two consecutive qualifiers held before the year, Yan Bingtao continued to defeat Baird and Hicks in the European Championship qualifiers and broke into the main race; and in the French Championship qualifiers, Yan Bingtao 4-5 defeated Fu Jiajun and was replaced. After withdrawing from the European Championship due to injury, Yan Bingtao’s opponent in the first round, Pei Qi, immediately promoted to the top 16.

Yan Bingtao won the mid-release championship in the new season and became the first post-00 ranking championship in snooker history. Since then, at the British Championships, Yan Bingtao has achieved excellent results in the finals. At this stage, Yan Bingtao ranks 19th in the world and 6th in a single season.

After being absent from the European Championship, the Global Challenge on February 3 at Cheltenapp will become Yan Bingtao’s debut in 2020. It is a ranking that can only be registered for the top 32 players in a single season. Match. If all goes well, Yan Bingtao also expects to sign up for the Football Players Open (16 entries before a single season) and the Touring Open (8 games before a single season).

European Masters first round schedule

January 22


D. Wales VS M. Holt, R. Williams VS T. Uno, G. Dortmund VS Liang Wenbo


Tian Pengfei VS A. Carter, R. Milkins VS Ding Junhui, J. Higgins VS F. O’Brien, Lu Ning VS Fu Jiajun


S. Donaldson VS K. Wilson, D. Lili VS B. Hawkins, Jak. Jones VS M. Selby, A. Boden VS Xiao Guodong

January 23


M. Williams VS Zhou Yuelong, J. Peppa VS Yan Bingtao (retired), G. Wilson VS L. Brecher, M. White VS Zhao Xintong


1/8 final

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