Xingpai “Ding Junhui” is “crazy” for Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament

On July 27th, the first qualifying round of the second leg of the 2013 CBSA National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament of the “Star-Fortune Wings Cup” was reloaded at Tianjin Tanggu Ding Junhui Billiards Club. The “crazy” was unprecedented.

The participating players are “crazy” for being able to use the most standard game console. The Xingpai “Blue and White Porcelain” Chinese-style billiards table was surrounded by crazy players and fans. Players who tried the game were full of praise for the “Xingpai” table, which was made in full accordance with international and national standards. Many top balls participated in the competition. Players have said that playing and practicing on the star standard table is the basis for obtaining national regular competition results; national-level Chinese billiards should use the nationally recognized standard table, otherwise it will be difficult to realize the internationalization of Chinese billiards. Branding and standardization.

The host ball room is “crazy” for the star-branded tournament support and services. As the host of this competition, Tianjin Ding Junhui Billiards Club is currently one of the recognized high-end billiards clubs in the Tianjin billiard circle. The club owner said: This game is the craziest battle since the opening of the club. These are all due to the fact that Xingpai settled high-level national competitions in the ball room and sent the top domestic star players Li Hewen, Liu Chuang and Zheng Yubo to participate. ;Thanks to Xingwei Company for sparing no effort to output “positive energy” for the ball room using Xingpai tables. Xingpai’s follow-up service and strong support made him very confident. Xingwei Company also expressed to it that the national-level Chinese billiards events hosted by Xingpai will continue to adhere to the concept of running the ball room and serving the ball room.

Athletes are “crazy” for participating in the most authoritative, glorious, and most formal national Chinese billiards game. The Ding Junhui Billiards Club during the game can be described as “crazy” unprecedented, and the enthusiasm for registration on the spot has risen one after another. Since the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament was successfully held last year, players have never stopped chasing the Star Cup, a well-known and nationally recognized event; in such a game, players can evaluate themselves most efficiently. The strength of the country, and its national ranking is also authoritative and objective.

It can be said that in the Xingpai Cup Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Xingpai and the players have the same dream, and this dream is not far away. The Xingpai Cup Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is going abroad and to the world; I believe in the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament. Under the leadership of the Chinese Billiards Association, the sponsor, through the joint efforts of players, courts and Xingpai, the interpretation and confirmation of the “Chinese Dream” of Chinese billiards on the international stage will be exchanged.

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