Chinese billiards Shanxi Qualifying Tournament, Wang Xiaoqian fell into the losing team in the dead group

On April 20, 2012, the qualifying Shanxi Division of Henan Station, the first stop of the 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, officially kicked off at Datong Party Club Xingpai Billiards Club. In the group double-defeat knockout on the first day, Zhang Tiegang, Li Heng, Shi Changshan, Chao Lumen, Qiao Fengwei, Uhagan, Zhao Wei and Hao Jianhua successfully qualified from the winning team.

In today’s game, 64 players will be in a group of 8 players in a group double-loss elimination round. The first place in each group will go directly to the top 16. The players who enter the losing team will continue to fight for the top 16 places tomorrow.

Among the eight teams, the sixth group of famous players such as Qiao Fengwei, Chen Lisheng, Liu Chao and Wang Xiaoqian is the veritable “death group”. What is interesting is that the only female player in this competition is only 11 years old. Yan Limin was also placed in this group. Although the chances of qualifying are slim, the little girl played steadily and did not lose to the male players in terms of momentum. The sharp eyes left a deep impression on everyone. After many levels of elimination, Qiao Fengwei and Wang Xiaoqian finally met in the 16-to-8 winning team. Winning this round means that tomorrow can rest for a day and wait for the losing team to decide the top 8. The losing team will continue to fight tomorrow. On the field. This focus battle from the “death group” also attracted many fans and players to stop and watch. In the end, Qiao Fengwei advanced 5-3 and Wang Xiaoqian fell into the defeat.

In other respects, in the 16-to-8 winning game, Yu Enze in the fifth group lost the game with two low-level errors. In the end, he lost to his opponent Hao Jianhua in the final game. Xi Hongyu in the eighth group also lost the game in the final game. Players from Beijing have fallen into the losing division.

At 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, the losing game will officially start. Players who want to enter the top 16 list and fall into the losing department can be described as “life hanging by the thread”. Any mistakes may make their previous efforts to be wiped out. I believe the game will be more intense and exciting.

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