Youngor Putishu-Xingpai Suzhou Station seeded players enter the main race on the 22nd

On October 20th, Beijing time, the 2013 CBSA “Youngor Putishu-Xingpai” Cup National Chinese Billiards Championship Suzhou Branch was held in the flagship store of Suzhou Xingpai Billiards Club. The draw of the extra-conference is completely fair and transparent, and the cards after the players draw will remain in place, so that the players can more clearly check their own draws and understand their opponents.




There were 36 women players who signed up for the competition, and the number of women who entered the main race was 32, so four play-offs were required. The game was based on 9 games and 5 wins. The first to be drawn to the play-offs was Zhang Xiaotong, currently ranked first in points. As his opponent Zhang Yuanyuan was obviously drawn to the draw. Although Zhang Yuanyuan tried her best in the game, she still lost to Zhang Xiaotong 1-5. After the game, Zhang Yuanyuan said that she had not found the touch after playing 6 games. “I have never met Zhang Xiaotong before, and I know she is currently ranked number one. She played very well, and I haven’t found the touch yet. It’s a bit frustrating to come here to participate and only participate in one game and leave like this.”

According to the “Rules of Chinese Billiards” formulated by the China Billiards Association, this tournament will adopt a single-loss game. Therefore, once eliminated, there will be no chance of resurrecting the defeated team. For this match’s chief referee Shi Ming said: “I feel sorry for every player leaving, but the rules of Chinese billiards are like this. There is no such thing. The double-loss game system. We also strictly abide by the rules issued by the China Taiwan Association to sanction the game to ensure the fairness and justice of the game.”

After the top 32 players are released, there will be a qualifying round. In the end, the top 8 will be selected as the seeded players in the race. The remaining 24 players will be re-drawn and included in the lottery. Tomorrow will hold a grand opening ceremony and admission ceremony. The race will start on October 22. MY147 website will broadcast the whole event live, so stay tuned.

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