Chinese World Championships: Yu Haitao and Wu Hao lead into the race

At noon on March 16, the first qualifying list of the 2019 “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiard World Championships was announced. The names will be Haitao, Wu Hao and other 8 male players and Jing Siya and Zhang Xiaotong led 4 female players. The field broke through and advanced into the race.

The two out-of-conference matches of the domestic group will be divided into three days. Due to the large number of players, only the first two rounds of single elimination matches for men and women will be held on the first day, resulting in the men’s 32 and women’s 16. A promotion lineup of 8 men and 4 women.

The tournament schedule is very intensive. It starts from the first time slot at 8:30 in the morning and ends at 11 pm. Fortunately, each player only needs to play in two time slots at most. However, it is undoubtedly a serious challenge for the players who play at 8:30 in the morning.

In the first two rounds of the game, due to the degree of adaptation and the early game, the competition was unpopular, and a large number of players who were quite competitive to win the championship were eliminated. Among them, Dai Yong lost to Guangyu 6-7 in the first round. After Gong Haifeng’s four-shot clearing 7-1 unexpectedly defeated Qiu Paomou, he lost 2-7 to Hao Tian and stopped. The best player of the day was the teenager Miller. He even defeated two consecutive 7-4 favorites Wang Peng and Chen Zhigang in a strong half. And Zhang Kunpeng also opened high and low. After the first 7-0 sweep, he lost to Xu Haobo 6-7 and stopped.

Today’s morning two sessions have determined the eight places for the first day of the main match. Among them, the veteran Chen Qiang defeated Miller 7-4 and then defeated Wu Hao 1-7. Wu Hao brought Dong Yi, Yu Haitao, and Xi Shouxin. , Rouzi Maimaiti and other 8 people advanced into the race, Xi Shouxin was still 7-0 in the promotion round to finish Chen Huqing.

For women, there are not many upsets due to the large gap in player strength. On the whole, except for the accidental fall of the 2015 champion Baige and celebrity Cong Jing, the other high-ranking players have all passed the competition. In the four rounds of promotion, Yang Ye defeated Gao Meng 5-1 and became the first player to advance to the race. The former national youth player Gao Menggong fell short. Yu Hong 5-2 eliminated the post-00 teenager Zhang Muyan, who had made rapid progress in recent years. However, with Zhang Muyan’s previous performance, there is still hope for qualifying for the race. In the remaining two games, Zhang Xiaotong defeated Wang Chunyan 5-3 and Jing Siya defeated Li Zhihui 5-3 in a strong dialogue. In this way, Yang Ye, Yu Hong, Zhang Xiaotong and Jing Siya formed the first promotion lineup of the women’s side game.

After the first side game, the organizing committee immediately held the draw for the second game in the hotel. This afternoon and tomorrow morning, the domestic group will compete for the second side game, which is left to the domestic group not to advance. Last chance for players. You can watch the live broadcast of the match through “China Sports”

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