Hibbert was out of the World Championships in Chinese Pool

On March 20th, all the qualifying places for the 2019 “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship International Group Outer Competition were released. Chinese Taipei finally contributed two places, and the pre-match voices Tao Yingduo, Ye Zhenlun, and British Gareth Hibbert were all eliminated and missed the race.

The second side game is still divided into two days. In the first two rounds yesterday afternoon, the Chinese Taipei Army, which performed poorly in the first game, finally recovered, including Tao Yingduo, Xu Ruian, Lin Shikai, Zhuang Yaolin, Zhong Qiande, and Lin Wei

Xiang and Liu Riteng seven players entered the third round. The relatively well-known international players Senxue, Hibbert, Huang Yong, Jason Theron, etc. also passed the test smoothly. All players must get the last 12 promotion tickets in the three matches a day today.

This morning, after two rounds of elimination, the three Chinese Taipei entered the final round of promotion, including Tao Yinduo, Li Baixian and Lin Weixiang, who had been unknown before. There is no doubt that among the three, Tao, who has rich experience in Chinese billiards,

冺多 is definitely the biggest favorite for promotion. However, after being blocked by Merlin yesterday, Tao Yingduo fell in the promotion round again today, the score is also 4-7. Russian player Celostan grabbed Tao Yin one more attack to wash the bag

won the precious promotion tickets for three consecutive rounds.

There have been rumors that Li Baixian, a Chinese Taipei “sportsman”, has been practicing Chinese style recently, but he did not expect to finally give a satisfactory answer today. For three consecutive games today, Li Baixian only allowed his opponent to get 6 games, and the promotion round was 7-3.

was surprised to beat the British eight-ball star Hibbert. This was the second surprise given by the Chinese Taipei player after He Xinru advanced from the women’s group on the first day. It’s worth mentioning that as a former snooker and American amphibious player, Li

Bai Xian is the only Chinese Taipei player among Chinese players who has scored 147 full marks in official snooker matches, so it is not accidental that he qualified for the main match.

As a Chinese Taipei pool player who can play 7 rounds, Lin Weixiang’s promotion is quite surprising. No one thought that after a few young talents were eliminated early, another Chinese Taipei promotion place would fall into his hands. However, it is understood that Lin Weixiang is a very experienced golfer with excellent accuracy. This time defeating American veteran Louis to qualify for the main match is also a worthwhile trip.

In addition, there was a fierce confrontation between the British player Niuro and the Iranian Masood. Due to the qualifications of the two players, their cheering lineup is quite large and attracted the attention of major players such as Merlin.

is comparable to the final. For international players, being able to reach this level is undoubtedly a huge success. In the end, the game ended with Masood forcibly attacking the cue ball and washing the bag foul. Niuro cleared the buzzer with a free kick to get the last promotion ticket.

The remaining places for promotion belong to players from four different countries. South Korean star Huang Yong and South African experienced Jason Theron occupied two seats without any suspense. In addition, Spain’s Jose relied on

‘S top-notch play also got his wish to qualify for the main event. The Mongolian army with a huge lineup also used half of their home court advantage to get a promotion place. This game is also a huge gain for the Mongolian team.

In addition to the women’s part, the first Chinese Taipei female player who performed well in the first game was hit hard today. Four players from Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia each received four hard-earned tickets for the main match, but the overall level is very limited. For international women golfers, this promotion ticket will become the most cherished memory in their lives.

At this point, the domestic and international teams of this World Championships are all over. After two days of rest and the opening ceremony, the race will be held from March 22 to 26.

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