Yan Bingtao quit the European Masters because he was injured

The first ranking tournament of snooker in 2020, the European Championship will be held in Italy from January 22 to 26. The 9 members of the Chinese Legion including Ding Junhui will participate in the competition. It is expected that the impact will be excellent, and Ding Junhui To impact the championship, you have to deal with the new champions and third place players, Higgins and Robertson, Selby and other rivals.

The European Championships played in the second round of qualifiers at the end of last year. The overall performance of the Chinese Army was outstanding. 10 people including Ding Junhui, Fu Jiajun, Liang Wenbo and Yan Bingtao succeeded in crossing the barrier, occupying 1/3 of the quota for the main event. There is hope during the Spring Festival. A generous gift to the Chinese, but Yan Bingtao retired from table tennis due to a back injury before the game. Even so, there were still 9 players.

Among the Chinese Army Corps, the most hopeful one is undoubtedly the leader Ding Junhui. Ding Junhui broke out to win the British Championship at the end of last year. Although Perry was eliminated in the first round of the previous championship, he was still one of the most popular winners in the European Championship. In the first round, Ding Junhui will challenge Milkins. Ding Junhui’s overall strength is dominant, and the difficulty coefficient of supernormal play is not large. But in the second round, Ding Junhui will enter the post-90s top player Karen Wilson, and if he can continue to move forward, he can hope to play against the championship third place card holder. If they can win three games to reach the semi-finals, Ding Junhui’s enemies in the finals will be created between Robertson and Higgins, but the Chinese Legion will guard several front lines and will definitely go all out to attack.

Outside of Ding Junhui, Lu Haotian played against Robertson in the first round. If the latter wins, he will also face Liang Wenbo or Dort in the second round, while Tian Pengfei will have to hold the third sniper championship in the first round. In addition, Zhou Yuelong tried Marco Williams in one and a half. Hong Kong SAR generals Fu Jiajun and Lu Ning played in the first round. The winning side hoped to deal with Xiao Guodong in the second round. Zhao Xintong’s first round enemy was Michael White. It can be said that there are more people fighting in the Chinese Army, and there is hope that they will go far in this European Championship.

Because Trump and Murphy, Allen, etc. stopped the qualifiers, O’Sullivan did not apply for the competition. The championship of this European Championship will be caused by Ding Junhui, Robertson and Selby if possible. In addition, the European Championship and its subsequent French Championship, Single-Limited Time Tournament and San Marino League, as the four-stop European Championship, where the football player with the largest total amount of awards in the four competitions will be added The reward of 150,000 yuan is very irritating to football players. If you want to win a huge prize of 150,000, the European Championship is the first station to win the honor.

The total prize money of the European Championships is 407,000 Euros, of which the championship prize is 80,000. The first round to the quarter-finals are all 9 games and 5 wins, and the finals are 11 games and 6 wins. The final 17 rounds are 9 wins.

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