Selby successfully defended the Daqing National Championships and won the 13th crown in the rankings

On the evening of November 5th, the 2017 Snooker International Championship ended successfully. In the final, Selby, the champion of the 2016 World Championships and now the world’s number one, successfully defended his title. He defeated Mark Allen 10-7 and won the 13th title in the individual rankings while receiving up to 150,000 pounds in prize money.

The final will be conducted in two stages with a 10-win system of 19 games. Selby led 3-1 in the first four innings, during which he scored 67, 50 and 61 points in a single stroke. Allen also scored 110 points in a single stroke cleanly in the second inning. After the break, Allen reduced the score to 2-3 with 98 points on a single stroke. But then, Selby frequently made heavy moves, hitting 55 and 60 points on a single stroke in the 6th inning. After that, he scored the 7th inning 67-15 and scored 61 points on a single stroke to win another victory, 6-2. Lead. In the final game of the first stage, Allen finally stabilized his position, single shot 137 points to avoid further expansion of the difference. After the first nine rounds, Selby led 6-3.

After three hours of rest, the two sides started the second stage of the finals. Selby continued its steady momentum, winning the first two games of the stage with 76-0 and 62 points in a single stroke, extending the score advantage to 8-3. In the 12th game, Selby accidentally made a mistake in the draw-off stage, and Mark Allen did not miss the opportunity to pull back one game. Taking advantage of the world’s No. 1 “snooze” effort, Allen went on to win the 13th game with 78 points on a single stroke, with a score of 5-8. After the innings rest, Allen felt cold again. In the 14th inning, the thin red ball made a mistake, and the red ball stayed in the pocket without bias. Selby won the match point 9-5 with 90 points. Selby had a chance to seal the victory in the 15th game, and the result was 36 points and accidentally missed. In this game, the two sides fought hard until the last five colored balls. Allen seized Selby’s mistake to save a match point. In the 16th inning, Allen scored Snooker to send 20 penalty points. Allen chased the score to 7-9, only the difference between the two games. In the 17th game, Selby scored 49 points in a row and missed the chance to win a single shot again, but this time Allen lost the chance to continue chasing points, and it was not difficult to miss the ball in the bag. Selby won the game and defeated Allen with a total score of 10-7, successfully defending the title.

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