The next day of the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Shenyang, Wang Peng, Liu Haitao, and Shi Xin easily advanced

On August 23, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament at Shenyang Station entered the second day of competition at the Shenyang Pool Club on the 9th floor. In today’s men’s group E to H competition, Chen Qiang, Shi Xin, Liu Haitao, Wang Peng and other players all won their first game.

The games played in the morning were basically strong and weak, and there were many big scores. At the main table, Chen Qiang played Wen Tiejun. Chen Qiang basically controlled the rhythm of the game at the beginning, and finally won easily 7-2. Both Shi Xin and Xi Hongyu also won. Shi Xin defeated Qian Jichen 7-1, and Xi Hongyu beat Yilong 7-0. Both of them also showed their superpowers in the competition. Control. The match between Chen Lei and Ma Hongjun was relatively stalemate. In the decisive game, Chen Lei had a chance to win, but made a mistake in the position of the last flower ball. Although it was solved, the chance was left. Ma Hongjun won 7-6. Promotion. In other games, Dong Yi lost to Zhang Jiangang 2-7, Li Bo beat Qiao Fengwei 7-4, and Ding Haitao lost to Li Chuang 4-7.

In the first round of the men’s final two groups, Wang Peng basically did not encounter any challenges in the game against the leopards, and easily won the promotion with a big score of 7 to 1. Another interesting game is Liu Haitao’s match against Li Xing, but apparently Liu Haitao is more adapted to the game of Chinese billiards. He showed a good state in terms of bidding and accuracy, leading all the way in the game, and finally Liu Haitao won 7-3. Although Di Chao stubbornly dragged the game into a decisive round after falling behind 2-6, Li Zhongwei won the game in the end. In other matches, Tian Jiahe 3-7 Zhao Hongyi, Zhang Nan 7-5 Yu Haitao, Song Binhui 7-6 narrowly beat Chen Zhigang.

Next will be the women’s quarter-finals, and the men’s second round will also be held later today.

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