Higgins wins four games in a row in the Masters, 6-4 reversal of small fellow, regrets to lose 147

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association Beijing time on the early morning of January 18th, the 2018 Snooker Masters ended the first round of the final contest. In the Scottish derby, the experienced Higgins lags behind 2-4 for four consecutive games. During the period, he almost scored a score of 147. The total score is 6-4 to reverse McGill, who made his debut in the Masters, and advances to the top 8 to fight the Welshman. En-dai.

For the first time this year’s Masters has ushered in three post-90s players, McGill is one of them. In his 7-year career, McGill, who was born in 1991, has reached the ranking finals three times and won two championships and one second. He is one of the most outstanding young stars born in the 90s in Taiwan today. This season, he ranked among the TOP16 elites in the world, and therefore qualified for the Masters for the first time.

In the first round, he was greeted by a Scottish derby. The opponent was John Higgins, who is as famous as O’Sullivan. Higgins has tasted the championship twice in the Masters. In the Indian Open this season, he added another championship in the rankings. The final victory was today’s fellow McGill, with a one-sided score of 5-1.

However, in this game, McGill showed a completely different style. After losing two games, he rebounded strongly and won four games in a row. During the third to sixth innings, he showed 122 points, 61 points and 76 points in a row. 4-2 overtook the four-time world champion in two games.

Higgins re-adjusted his state and the game situation changed accordingly. Higgins single shot 67 points disrupted McGill’s offensive pace. In the eighth game, Higgins had a chance to hit a score of 147. However, he accidentally dropped a black ball after scoring 81 points in a single shot. However, the points in the game were enough for him to rewrite the total score on the court to 4-4.

In the ninth game, Higgins continued to control the rhythm, grabbing McGill’s one-shot error and single-shot 65 points and then the next city, so that Higgins regained the lead with 5-4 and had taken the lead in winning the match point.

In the tenth game, McGill took the lead to establish a 41-point advantage. Higgins failed to save the last red ball of the side library with 50 points in a single stroke. It was impossible to attack by leaving a large black ball and chose to defend. In just two rounds, McGill missed a shot by Higgins, so that Higgins sealed the victory 6-4 and advanced to the top 8. In the quarter-finals, Higgins will face Ryan Day.

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