Ding Junhui’s first show at 17:30 today

Early this morning, Beijing time, the 2019 snooker British Championship starts in Barbican center, Yorkshire. On the first day of the competition, the Chinese Legion performed well. Lu Ning scored the highest 140 points of the day and swept O’Connor 6-0, leading Liang Wenbo, Li Xing, Zhao Xintong and Tian Pengfei to upgrade to the second round. Higgins finished 6-0 to seal Raines, many years of professional life to complete the first victory against opponents.

In the first round, the 128 person flat competition system is still adopted, with 6 wins in 11 games. In the afternoon of local time, compared with the popular competition, Robertson and Carter won 6-0, respectively. Maltese veteran Borg and rookie Sargent served as the background board.

In this period, the Chinese army won 5-1. Among them, although Lu Ning’s performance was mediocre at other times, he suddenly burst out in the fourth inning, with the highest single shot of 140 points on the first day. He swept O’Connor, who had a good performance last year, 6-0 and upgraded to the second round. In addition, Li Hang broke 100 in the first and last two strokes in the competition, and 6-1 beat Jamie Clark. Tian Pengfei was doggedly blocked by his opponent in the 3-0 lead, and finally defeated Sam Craig 6-4. Zhao Xintong and Liang Wenbo’s two competitions are relatively tangled. Zhao Xintong and Swiss handsome wusenbach take the lead alternately. Under the condition of taking the match point first, wusenbach pursues the decisive inning with 136 single shot, but Zhao Xintong directly blasts 92 single shot in the decisive inning, winning and upgrading. However, Liang Wenbo’s performance today was not up to standard, and it was hard to say that he was ideal in the control of the cue ball. However, when Dominic Dell took the match point first, Liang Wenbo finally completed the reversal. During this period of time, the only Chinese player to lose was young professional Lei peifan, who lost to Bingham 4-6.

In the evening, Higgins walked out to face Peter Raines. Both of them are veteran veterans who have been fighting for many years. The two sides don’t fight each other many times, but Higgins is still hard to win. Today, this seemingly ordinary competition has become a time to witness history. Higgins won the first time in 25 years after a 50 + 4 shot, 6-0 clean Reines. In addition, after the world championships, Cahill once again played the role of “great killer”. 6-4 overturned Gilbert, who was the most popular “potato brother” recently, while the latter broke 100 with two strokes in vain. During this period, two Chinese players appeared. Zhang anda lost to wells 3-6, Zhang anda, who scored 50 + of 4, failed to grasp the start and was unable to return to the sky, while Chen Feilong lost to Stevens 0-6.

At 17:30 p.m. Beijing time today, Ding Junhui will make his debut in this year’s British championship against Duane Jones. At the beginning of the year, Ding Junhui lost to his opponent 3-5 in the quarter finals of the German masters competition, which made him a dark horse legend. Can this competition complete revenge?

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