Masters match Trump and Robertson both enter the finals

On February 1, 2020, the finals of the French Snooker Championship was completed. Trump and Robertson defeated Dort and Murphy respectively and proceeded to division. It is the two contestants who once again met in the finals after winning the crown in the new season. Robertson’s victory can lock up the 150,000 ‘European Championship’ prize money, while Trump struggled to thank his revenge for the reversal.

The top four lineups of the French Championship are extremely luxurious-Trump, Robertson, Murphy and Dort. The 4 contestants have a total of 41 ranking championship titles, and 4 are national champions on average, of which the top 3 are A qualified’three-match’ Grand Slam football player wearing a golden crown.

Trump defeated Dort in an extremely difficult finals, first in the finals. In the event, the two contestants never scored about one round in the first 8 rounds, and remained deadlocked until they were tied at 4-4. In the 9th inning, Trump scored a 110-point break and scored the match point 5-4, and increased his career development timeline to 682/2000. In the 10th game, there was a unique opportunity to tie the game again, but after a mistake in the blue bag, Trump made a final kill and won 6-4 with hardship.

Robertson and Murphy’s finals will be played at night local time. Robertson took the lead first, and Murphy equalized the score with a 92 points. After the tournament went into Robertson’s control and scored 73, 136, 62, 53 and 129 points in a single stroke, Robertson swept Murphy with a total score of 6-1 and continued to reach the finals in two ranked matches. In the recent 37 innings, Robertson won 35 innings, with more than a dreaded 94% of the innings.

Robertson and Trump, they met in the finals for the second time after winning the championship in the new season. In the exciting finals more than two months ago, two top-ranked footballers born in the 1980s joined hands and dedicated themselves to the most exciting matchup so far in the new season. Robertson was 8-9 out of date and was 10-9. The big reversal killed Trump, the second time the epicenter was crowned. The finals came out with a total of 8 breaks, which updated the history of snooker and became the event with the most breaks of 100 under the rules of 19 games and 10 wins. Robertson tried a shocking 147 in the 11th game, but made a mistake after playing 13 red and 13 black.

This is the first time that two’three-match’ Grand Slam football players have competed in the finals after the current policy of the Golden Crown was released by the World Snooker Series (WST), the first time in the history of the “Golden Crown” finals. Since then came out. In addition, the two contestants closely centered on the extra 150,000 bonus of the ‘European Championship’ and each had a further driving force. If Robertson wins the championship, he will lock up the 150,000 bonus early; for Trump, he must at least defeat Robertson in the finals, and the rewards of the two people will be 115,000 and 80,000 respectively, with a distance of 35,000. Only then have the chance to be recovered in the single limited time match and the San Marino League.

1st (semi-final) result

Judd Trump 6-5 Graeme Dott

86-10, 28-87 (74), 65-66, 80(50)-36, 65-40, 0-67, 70 (70)-17, 67-76(51), 110

(110)-0, 72-2

Neil Robertson 6-1 Sean Murphy

70-55, 8-94 (92), 73(73)-53(53), 136(136)-0, 72(62)-13, 79(53)-1, 129(129)-1

2nd (final) schedule

21: 00/3: 00, Judd Trump VS Neil Robertson

Signature: Star Billiards

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