Ding Junhui advances 5-2 in Germany qualifier, Yan Bingtao Selby missed the race

After the 2020 Snooker German Open qualifiers, Ding Junhui eliminated Welsh Dragon Stevens 5-2, joined hands with Zhao Xintong, Yuan Sijun and Tian Pengfei to enter the main match, Yan Bingtao, Li Xing and Liang Wenbo were out. Trump, Robertson, etc. also broke into the race, Selby was out 4-5.

The German qualifier is divided into two rounds. Ding Junhui competes with Welsh Ron Stevens for a seat in the race. Ding Junhui had an obvious advantage in the game. In the first half, he won four games in a row to get the match point. In the second and third games, he scored 80 points and 55 points. In the second half, Stevens counterattacked. In the fifth and sixth innings, he scored 67 and 104 points in a single stroke and recovered two match points. In the seventh game, Ding Junhui stabilized the situation and ended the game with 51 points. The total score was 5-2 to win the main match.

Zhao Xintong feels good, scoring 66, 109 and 127 points in a single stroke, and recovered the match point 5-4 to kill Karen Wilson into the race. Yuan Sijun won 5-3 in the civil war with Zhou Yuelong. Tian Pengfei faced the British Championship runner-up Maguire, hitting 63 points, 57 points and 96 points in a single stroke, blocking his opponent out of the main game 5-3.

Yan Bingtao, who beat Fu Jiajun 5-4 in the first qualifying round, lost to Belgium’s Brechel in poor form 1-5. Li Xing scored 63, 113, 74 and 56 points in a single stroke, and got the match point 4-3 first, and was reversed by Higgins 5-4. The latter scored 64, 68, and 4 points. 50 points and 72 points. Liang Wenbo was in terrible form and lost to McGill 1-5 and missed the race. Browning lost 3-5 to Celtic and failed to make the main match. Xu Si lost to Gary Wilson 1-5 and Zhang Anda lost 1-5 to Burns.

In addition, Trump defeated Carrington 5-2 to enter the main match and scored a two-shot break in the game. Robertson and Mark Williams defeated their opponents 5-2, and Murphy won 5-1. Selby’s poor performance was upset and he missed the match point 4-5 to be reversed by Clark’s upset.

The main match of the German Snooker Masters will be held in Berlin from January 29th to February 2nd, 2020.

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