Liang Wenbo at the Chinese Championships was reversed and missed the main match, Selby easily qualified

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association On the afternoon of August 16, in the 2017 Snooker China Championship Delayed Qualifying Tournament, Chinese player Liang Wenbo shot a single shot in the first half and once led 2-1. The state of the back course fluctuated. The larger play was not good and eventually lost to Ian Burns 3-5 and missed the race. In addition, Mark Selby easily defeated Luo Honghao 5-1 to enter the race, and famous players such as Sean Murphy and Ariste Carter successfully advanced through the first round and advanced to the second round.

In the afternoon session, the game started at 2:30. Liang Wenbo played against the 121st ranked Ian Burns in the delayed qualifying round. In the first game, Liang Wenbo kicked off. After a period of contention, Burns attacked from the far stage. Into the red ball to get started, after scored 31 points, the red ball was missed and left the offensive opportunity. Liang Wenbo scored the red ball but missed a simple yellow ball. After a stalemate, Liang Wenbo got 16 points through the offensive from the far stage and transferred into Defensively, continue to entangle Liang Wenbo with a pole to attack the side library. The red ball unexpectedly dangled the bag and stopped in the pocket. Burns made a simple ball error when he scored the red ball and hit the black ball and gave it a big gift. Liang Wenbo received it. The red ball clears to the pink ball to win the first game. In the second game, Liang Wenbo grabbed the opponent’s offensive error from the far stage to score 8 points and then switched to defense. Burns returned the ball to give the opportunity. Liang Wenbo scored 32 points again. At this time, Liang Wenbo signaled the referee to touch outside the club head. The ball foul interrupted the scoring. After one round, the red ball under Burns’s cue ball was not well placed. Liang Wenbo scored the red ball from the far stage and scored another 7 points, but an offensive error with a black ball was sent to the opponent A great opportunity, Burns scored 78 points on a single shot to tie the score 1-1.

After a long entanglement in the opening stage of the third game, Burns made a defensive error and sent a simple red ball opportunity. Liang Wenbo scored 102 points on a single stroke and rewritten the score to 2-1. In the fourth game, Liang Wenbo seized the opponent’s defensive loopholes and took the lead. After scoring 11 points, he turned to defense. Liang Wenbo’s several risky offensive attempts gave his opponent a lot of opportunities, but Burns has several times. He still failed to open the situation and only scored 42 points. Liang Wenbo then took a 53-42 lead twice and used the last red ball as a defense. However, one consecutive attack and defense attempt missed a lot and left the middle station opportunity. , Burns single shot 27 points to seal the victory, the score came to a 2-2 tie. After the break in the fifth inning, Liang Wenbo missed the top-pocket red ball in the opening stage of the offensive. Burns scored 46 points in the first hand. He missed the opportunity when attacking the red ball with a stick. Liang Wenbo After only 14 points from the receiver, Burns returned the ball with a single shot with 73 points to clear the table and overtake the score to 3-2.

After the kick-off in the sixth inning, Liang Wenbo pushed into the red ball bottom pocket of the far table to get over. After getting 44 points, he turned to defense. Burns didn’t return the ball in place. Liang Wenbo attacked again and got 7 points. After turning to defense, Liang Wenbo won 88-26 and tied the score 3-3. In the seventh game, Burns scored 47 points twice. Liang Wenbo then scored a red goal but missed a simple blue ball and sent a chance. Burns received a red and a black and then made a mistake. Liang Wenbo was inexplicable. After hitting the red ball near the mouth of the bag and giving a gift, Burns scored another 12 points to complete the overscore, 4-3 to get the match point. In the eighth inning, Liang Wenbo accidentally smashed the cue ball when attacking with a thin ball in the opening stage. Burns also failed to score the bag lipstick ball. Liang Wenbo scored the red ball and scored 10 points and transferred to the defense. There was a stalemate. After Liang Wenbo ventured to attack the red ball near the side library, the cue ball remained in the middle stage and gave it to his opponent. Burns made an offensive error with 31 points on a single shot but did not miss the ball. Liang Wenbo continued to compete for the middle of Liang Wenbo several times to catch up to 29. -41, there was a serious error when the last red ball was left, Burns cleared the color to the pink ball to win 67-29, Liang Wenbo 3-5 regretted out.

At the same time, the Chinese player Luo Honghao encountered the world number one Mark Selby in another delayed qualifying match. Luo Honghao only won one game in the third round of the tug of war, Selby 5-1. Won the whole game, in which two 50+ shots were played in the second and final rounds. In the first round of the other races, Magician Sean Murphy defeated the Irish star Ken Dahdy in a 5-4 tiebreaker. Dahdy shot two 50+ and scored the match point first. Murphy A total of three 50+ strokes, of which 51 points in the eighth inning to save the match point became the key to victory. Captain Ariste Carter also narrowly defeated Indian player Matah in the deciding game. Carter scored a single shot of 127 points and had a good performance of two shots of 60+. A 62 points in the deciding game helped him advance to the level. second round.

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