China’s 10 players advanced in the Shanghai game, the Rockets are a strong finalist

The 2017 Snooker Shanghai Masters qualifiers all ended in Wigan, England. On the third day of the match, Cao Yupeng 5-3 beat the “King of Grinding” Alberton, Zhou Yuelong defeated Donaldson 5-1 and broke into the main match of the homeland war. Niu Zhuang led 2-0 and lost five consecutive games, 2-5 was reversed by Mark Williams. In this way, with the 8 players who advanced in the first two days, a total of 10 Chinese players took the lead from the qualifying rounds to the main race. In other respects, O’Sullivan swept Keorgan 5-0, and Trump eliminated “Pirate” Joe Swell 5-2. Not surprisingly, the two favorites will join hands in the Shanghai main match.

There were three Chinese players on the field that day, and Cao Yupeng’s opponent was “Mr. King” Alberton. Cao Yupeng won three games in a row during the opening game. During the second game, he scored 99 points in a single stroke and made a strong opening 3-0. Alberton adjusted his state and stabilized the situation with 65 points in a single stroke and chased another game 52-6, 2-3. Cao Yupeng regained control of the situation and won the sixth game with 78 points in a single stroke and 4-2 the match point. Alberton only saved one match point and never had a chance. Cao Yupeng closed the eighth game 63-34. In this way, Cao Yupeng, who had just set his career high in the top four at the European Masters, defeated the former world champion 5-3. Advance to the Shanghai Race.

The Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong, who set a new professional high in the top four with Cao Yupeng in the European Masters, was also very brave that day. He scored 64 points, 71 points, 76 points, 50 points and 87 points in a single shot against the Scottish Donaldson that day. , The total score of 5-1 easily won.

Niu Zhuang, who has just turned professional this season, missed the first two rounds one after another. After Mark Williams took control of the situation, the situation changed drastically. The “Golden Left” won five consecutive rounds to reverse it. During the period, the two-time world champion took one shot. Breaking a hundred and a three-shot 60+ is a good lesson for the newcomer.

O’Sullivan has not participated much this season, but unlike the past, he seems to have a soft spot for events held in China. In the Chinese Championships two months ago, he broke into the top 8 in the National Championships and the Shanghai Masters. He signed up for the qualifying rounds, but he was absent from the other five ranking rounds.

O’Sullivan is no stranger to the Shanghai Masters. He has participated five times in the previous ten sessions and won one championship and one Asian championship. In this qualifying round, he was active. On the same day, playing against professional rookie Keogan, who was also from England, O’Sullivan began to show off after a slight setback in the first game. He scored 52, 64, 77 and 50 points in a single stroke. The total score was 5-0. Not surprisingly, he will appear in Shanghai for the sixth time.

Another popular king, Trump, didn’t have much trouble, and beat the “pirate” Joe Swell 5-2.

The 2015 world champion Bingham broke the 100 with three shots and defeated Klerks 5-1. Joe Perry scored 142 points in a single stroke to set the highest score in a single stroke in the qualifying game, knocking out Hayfield 5-3. The Australian star Robertson performed poorly and was blocked by Scottish rookie Chris Totten 2-5.

The Shanghai Masters is the 9th ranked tournament this season. This year, the flat competition system was adopted in the first round of qualifying in the UK. Ten qualifiers or wild cards including Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, Selby and Higgins were moved to the main stadium. The race is scheduled to be staged in Shanghai from November 13th to 18th.

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