The most beautiful people on the court, the lovely referees

Xingpai Billiards News China·Guizhou·Guiyang 2019 CBSA “Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards China Grand Prix is ​​coming to an end. In addition to the players, there are also referees.

Many people’s perception of referees is that as long as they can play a little bit and are familiar with the basic rules of the game of billiards, they can be qualified as referees. In fact, it is not the case. A qualified referee must take care of everything from the ability to control the field and the ability to respond to emergencies to the placement of billiards and the placement of the poles.

There are many qualities that a billiard referee should have: professionalism and high professional ethics, stable emotional state and ability to react quickly, fair and just judgment attitude, good ability to resist external interference, too much… .. It may be very simple for everyone, but it is not. When it comes to the game, this kind of toughness can not be achieved by ordinary people.

We had a simple conversation with several referees. They said that being a referee is actually very simple, and you can succeed if you have the heart. But to be a good referee is not a simple matter.

Luo Guanqian: National referee. He started refereeing in 2007 and has rich experience in refereeing. He has always been very rigorous and meticulous, and can firmly grasp and complete the task successfully in every execution. He said that referees have a lot of work to do. From the day of registration, they have to be busy, inspecting the stadium, familiarizing themselves with the stadium equipment, and mastering the competition system. Although these things are more conventional, they are all important and must be done carefully and perfectly. Referees must also predict in advance during the game, stand in the right position, pay attention to the players at every moment in the game, and know every shot.

Zhou Shiming: An international referee. In a billiards game organized by the Beijing Billiards Association in 2004, he accidentally learned that he could learn to be a referee. From then on, he began his 15-year journey of refereeing. Now, he is indispensable in national billiards games.

Ms. Zhou has rich experience in judging, so he can understand the players’ next steps earlier in the game. He told us that the accumulation of the number of arbitrations, the mastery of the rules and the ability to respond on the spot are all essential for a qualified referee.

Liu Fang: international referee, executive vice president of Liaoning Billiards Association. Liu Fang was a billiard player before he became a referee. Many years ago, because of his love for billiards, he and his friends established the “Shenyang Balcony Club” in Shenyang, which was also the earliest billiard organization in Shenyang. After that, she often organized everyone to play games. Because of spending too much time on billiards, her parents began to be a little confused about this, and they asked her to give up the sport of billiards at one time, until she won the Liaoning Provincial Billiards Open Women’s Championship, and her family’s attitude changed from no longer intervening to vigorous. stand by.

Liu Fang finally gave up her career as a player because of many things, but she still couldn’t give up billiards. Billiards is already an indispensable part of her life. Therefore, she chose to become a billiard referee and continue the career she loves. Going farther and farther on the road.

Most referees have their own jobs. When there is a game, they will arrange their jobs in advance and come to the arena for a long distance. All referees really love the sport of billiards, and many referees work hard in private, learning English, delving into the rules, and trying out game videos.

Everyone has their own hobbies, but some of them cannot be regarded as daily tasks. Some people are choosing to leave, some people persist. Looking back on the path that you insisted on, you will find that there is sweat, tears, joy, and comfort. These are the most precious memories. They are still on this road and continue to harvest. Let us together cheer for those who work hard for their dreams!

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