Zhou Yuelong beats a hundred reversals in a single shot, Chen Zifan looks forward to winning the ranking championship this year

From 2-4 behind to 5-4 reversal victory, Zhou Yuelong later staged a good counterattack, and eventually beat Chen Zifan and advanced to the second round of the race.

In this game, the two scored each other in the first half and the battle became a 2-2 tie. After a short break, Chen Zifan, who played again, made an effort to win two games in a row and took the lead with a 4-2 score advantage to get the match point. In the latter part of the game, Zhou Yuelong, who was in danger, reversed with 80 points, 104 points and 94 points and advanced to the second round.

“At the beginning of the game, everyone is not very comfortable with the venue, scores are fragmentary, it is difficult to get into their own rhythm.” Zhou Yuelong said after the game, “I didn’t think much about it in the game, as long as I played my own level. It was not very nervous to the final game, but he made two low-level mistakes, which gave me a chance to win the game.”

Chen Zifan’s error in the deciding game completely lost his chance of victory. “I think his mistakes are more about having some thoughts in his heart. He wants to win too much.” Zhou Yuelong said, “Chen Zifan is a very good player. We used to play both together. This time in the professional game. When I met him in China, I could go from 2-4 behind to a 5-4 win, which I didn’t expect beforehand.”

In April this year, Zhou Yuelong stepped onto the stage of the World Championships, this is the first time in his career. “Cruise Fort is like a palace for us. Having stepped onto the stage of the World Championships, I feel like I have a more mature understanding of snooker.”

It has only been three years since Zhou Yuelong landed in the World Snooker Professional Competition. In three years, he raised his world ranking to TOP32 and ranked among the world’s professional snooker elites. “My goal this year is to win a ranking championship. Ding Junhui, O’Sullivan, and other top players have won ranking championship trophies at my age, so I am also looking forward to a better performance and Grades.”

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