Li Hewen helps the Chinese billiards beacon qualifying match, fans feast their eyes (photos)

On the morning of August 7, 2012, the first “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Station Lighthouse Qualifying Tournament continued. Before the start of the semi-finals in the morning, star signed player and world champion Li Hewen was invited to the scene to conduct an exhibition match for the fans. After a few rounds of exhibition games, Li Hewen’s superb skills left a deep impression on the fans and friends, which caused waves of exclamations in the arena.

Li Hewen is an active member of the men’s nine-ball national team, the nine-ball world champion, and the champion of the “Star Cup” Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Zhengzhou. Whether it is Chinese billiards or nine-ball, Li Hewen is familiar with outstanding results. He has no matches recently, so he has time to participate in some fan meeting activities. The Qualifying Tournament of the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament was held in Beacon City, and Li Hewen had many friends who participated in the competition. Therefore, when he received the invitation from the Star Company, Li Hewen gladly came to play a few exhibition matches for his fans and friends, and he was also able to play for himself. ‘S friends cheer up.

Before the semi-finals started in the morning, the Beacon Star Billiards Club was already overcrowded, not only waiting for the start of the semi-finals, but also waiting for the arrival of Li Hewen. After arriving, Li Hewen was also very simple and directly started the game with a fan. As Li Hewen’s opponent in this exhibition match, the fans should say that they still have a certain level, but under Li Hewen’s powerful offensive, they are still unsuccessful and have not won a game. As an exhibition match, Li Hewen did not go all out to hit the ball, more to show his skills in multiple directions. Far away, turning over the bag, and precise positioning, the wonderful performance again and again amazed the fans at the scene.

After a few wonderful exhibition matches, the semi-finals of the qualifying round are about to begin, and Li Hewen also closed to make way for the semi-finals. Later in the semi-finals, Li Hewen and his fans and friends went to pay attention to the progress of the semi-finals. For Li Hewen, several people in the competition are likely to meet in the Shenyang sub-station. He will definitely be ready to meet the challenges of everyone in Shenyang. Let us wait and see.

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