Two former champions of Shanghai Cydell Carter enter the main race, and the father and son soldiers are out simultaneously

On the morning of October 13, Beijing time, the 2017 Snooker Shanghai Masters Qualifying Tournament ended the next day. The two former champions of Dell and Carter defeated their opponents and will join hands in the blessed field. Both the father and son lost 4-5, and God left the field simultaneously.

Dell was the first Masters champion in 2007, but he has only won one game since then. On the same day, the 45-year-old Welsh veteran regained his glory and scored 86, 59, 100 and 58 points in a single stroke, sweeping the 41-year-old Fernandez 5-0. The Astros was the first two years later. To return to the blessed land.

The 2010 Shanghai champion Carter suffered a lot of setbacks. After nine rounds of hard work, he narrowly defeated England rookie Craig 5-4, who scored 141 points in the fifth inning to set the highest single-stroke score in the qualification game.

Former world champion Dortmund 5-3 beat 007 Bond. Last year, the German Masters “Glasses” Gould, who won the ranking trophy for the first time, won Taylor 5-3.

Michael White, a post-90s leader with two ranking championship trophies, beat the little-known Barrett 5-1.

Six-time World Championship runner-up Jimmy White continued to enjoy his professional qualifications with an invitation card, but he did not perform well that day, losing 1-5 to Lisovsky, who shot two shots 120+, and the legendary veteran missed the trip to Shanghai. In his professional career, “Whirlwind” only scored once in the Shanghai competition in 2008.

Father and son soldiers replayed the ending simultaneously with God. Father Lions lost 4-5 to Norwegian Ma Fulin, while younger Lions lost 4-5 in front of Pris.

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