China game Selby 10-8 Wilson advances to the final to compete with Hawkins

The 2018 Snooker China Open ended the semi-final competition. The defending champion and now the world’s number one Selby defeated the post-90s young king Wilson 10-8 with twists and turns, and entered the finals to compete with Hawkins for the final championship.


Last year, Selby broke into the final to take down Mark Williams, and won the World Championships three times a month later at Crucible. This year, he played well as the defending champion. In the last round, he offered 136 and 143 points on a single stroke, 6-2 to beat last year’s opponent Williams in the final, and Karen Wilson in the semifinals of the first half.

Wilson is one of the representatives of the post-90s generation. His performance this week is also quite impressive. In the first two games, he reversed Ding Junhui and Lisovsky with two 6-5s, which combined his overall strength and good. The psychological qualities of her are vividly displayed. But with Selby that day, Wilson ran into real trouble.

The semi-finals will be conducted in two stages with a 10-win system of 19 rounds. In the first nine games of the first stage, Selby was even better and started 3-0. During the second and third innings, he scored 96 points and 53 points in a single stroke. Wilson had just stopped the decline with 59 points in a single shot, but Selby opened a longer distance with a two-game winning streak. In the end, after the first nine games, Selby maintained a three-game lead 6-3. At this stage Selby produced a five-shot 50+, Wilson only one.

The game entered the second stage. Wilson got better for a while, with 79 points and 73 points in a single stroke, and the score was 5-6. However, Wilson’s momentum was quickly repressed by Selby. Selby responded with 71 and 72 points in a single stroke and continued to lead Wilson in three games 8-5.

The game came to the 14th game. After some entanglement, Wilson found a breakthrough from the top pocket and chased the total score to 6-8 with 82 points in a single shot.

In the 15th inning, Wilson broke the deadlock after the defensive battle, rewriting the total score to 7-8 with 60 points in a single stroke, only one game difference.

In the 16th game, the situation became more stalemate in the fierce competition. Errors on both sides have increased under pressure. Selby lost the key red ball 51-27, Wilson easily succeeded through the red ball in the pocket corner, a single shot with 51 points and a single game reversed, and the two returned to the same starting line 8-8.

In the 17th inning, Selby scored 66 points in a single shot and missed the pink ball, which was two shots. Wilson launched a counterattack by flipping the bag, recovering 23 points and using the last red ball to make snooker. After getting 4 penalty points and continuing to make a fuss about the yellow ball, the yellow ball was accidentally sent to the pocket. Wilson gave up the game and Selby won the match point 9-8.

In the 18th inning, Selby won a single shot with 58 points after getting the chance. In this way, Selby defeated Wilson 10-8 and advanced to the final to compete with Hawkins.

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