Xingpai hosted the 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station Competition Rules

1. Competition name

2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station

2. Organization

Approved by: Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration

Organizer: China Billiards Association

Organizer: Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Local Billiard Association

Promotion unit: Beijing Jingbo Guangsheng International Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Designated equipment: star pool table, star pool cue

Official website: Sohu Sports (

Cooperative media: BTV

Beijing Yangyi Jingshi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Beiqing Communication Media

Yixin Interactive (

My billiard net (

3. Competition items

Chinese billiards men’s and women’s individual match

Four, game time

April 13, 2012-May 27, 2012

5. Competition format

The 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station Men’s Competition is composed of 8 major national qualifying regions. Each region will pass two weeks of competition and select the eight best players to enter the Henan Station sub-station. The sub-station competition lasts for five days, and contestants will receive bonuses and points. The top 16 players directly advance to the next race. Women players directly participated in the Henan Railway Station race, and also received bonuses and points.

Six. Schedule


Qualifying Area

Qualifier registration deadline

Qualifying Tournament

Competing time

main race

Competing time


Shaanxi, Hebei

April 10

From April 13

May 23

until May 27


Shanxi, Shandong

April 17

From April 20

Hubei, Anhui

April 24

From April 27

Liaoning, Henan

April 30

From May 4

directly enter the race registration, registration location: Henan

Registration deadline: April 30

May 24

until May 27


Seven, registration method

1. Registration method:

(1) Telephone registration: Xingdi Xingpai Office, Qualifying Tournament Hosting Club

(2) Online registration: Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament official website

(3) On-site registration: on-site registration for designated clubs

(4) Qualifying competition entry fee is 50 yuan per person per time, and the main competition entry fee is 200 yuan per person

2. Eligibility: Any legal citizen between the ages of 14 and 60 can register for the competition.

3, registration address, telephone number, contact person

Qualifying Area

Registration address

Ball room information

application call


Shandong Division

Second Floor, Bohai International Plaza, Bohai 7th Road, Bincheng District, Binzhou City, Shandong Province

Binzhou King Billiards Club


Wang Weiguo

Shanxi Division

North of Road, 100 meters west of Sizhonggang, Playground Chengxi Street, Datong City, Shanxi Province

Party Club Star Billiards Club




Zhang Hua

Hebei Division

Qingyuan Street, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

A8 billiard club


Liu Huadong

Henan Division

Intersection of Shachang South Road and Kaixuan Road, Luoyang City

Star International Pool Plaza

0379-63333147 18637968777

Fu Haokai

Shaanxi Division

100 meters south of Huijing New Park, North East Ring Road, Yulin Development Zone

Yulin Yashi billiards


Mr. Yin

Hubei Division

7th Floor, Trend Department Store, No.338 Jiefang Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Seven Star Billiards Club


Wang Wei

QQ445828622, 18607117100

Li Bing 15172341152

Liaoning Division

Floor B1, Metropolis Mall, Qingniwa, Zhongshan District, Dalian

Chocolate Billiard Club


Zhao Muchun

Anhui Division

Ground Floor, Tianhui Building, Intersection of Anqing Road and Huizhou Avenue, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Hefei Hefei International Billiards Club





Li Jia

Wang Hua

8. Competition method





Promotion regulations

Competition cycle



Qualifying Tournament

8 Division

Outside the top 32 (single defeat)

5 rounds and 3 wins

Ball Room

32 into 16 (single loss)

9 rounds and 5 wins system

16 into 8 (single loss)

9 rounds and 5 wins system

8 into 4 (single loss)

9 rounds and 5 wins system


7 wins in 13 rounds


7 wins in 13 rounds

The top 4 seeded players in each division


64 into 32 (double lose)

9 rounds and 5 wins system

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

32 into 16 (single loss)

7 wins in 13 rounds

16 into 8 (single loss)

7 wins in 13 rounds

8 into 4 (single loss)

17 rounds 9 wins system

on Saturday

Build a venue


17 rounds 9 wins system



25 rounds 13 wins system


Play-offs other than the top 32

5 rounds and 3 wins

Ball Room

32 into 16 (single loss)

9 rounds and 5 wins system


16 into 8 (single loss)

7 wins in 13 rounds


8 into 4 (single loss)

7 wins in 13 rounds

on Saturday


7 wins in 13 rounds


17 rounds 9 wins system


The number of female applicants exceeds 32, and the additional competition will be conducted according to the actual number of applicants.

Nine, competition discipline

1. Obey the rules of the competition and obey the arrangements of the competition;

2, 10 minutes before the start of each round, contestants must bring their ID cards to the check-in office for check-in. After the chief referee announces the start of the game, players who are not present shall be deemed to have abstained;

3. Questions about the judgment of the referee on duty can be appealed to the chief referee and the arbitration committee level by level, but the appeal must be submitted before the next stroke of the two players after the penalty is awarded, otherwise it will not be accepted.

4. Smoking is prohibited in the competition venue, and contestants are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the competition venue;

5. Male players must wear standard competition clothing (a collar jacket, dark trousers, leather shoes);

6. ​​Dress code for female players: elegant and solemn clothing, matching shoes styles with full body attire. (No jeans or denim pants, sports shoes, shorts, slippers are allowed)

7. It is not allowed to participate in commercial competitions and promotional activities during the competition without permission;

8. Alcoholism and any form of gambling are strictly prohibited during the competition;

9. Before the competition, players must show their ID and registration certificates to the referee on duty, and participate in the competition with their ID and valid registration certificates. No impostors are allowed to participate in the competition, and the qualification is immediately disqualified once discovered.

10. Any form of match-fixing is strictly prohibited during the match. The competition organizing committee has established a match supervision committee. The supervisory committee has the right to judge and punish match-fixing actions based on clues such as the progress of the game, game video, and referees’ reports. ( Ruling method: in accordance with the principle of minority obeying the majority), once it is determined, the person involved in the fake will be included in the “blacklist” and reported to the China Billiards Association for corresponding punishment.

11. Players are strictly forbidden to wear accessories to participate in the competition. Wearing commercial logos must be approved by the China Billiards Association, and must apply to the tournament organizing committee for registration 14 days before the start of the game. Athletes can wear up to 4 trademarks, of which independent commercial logos cannot exceed 2; The tournament organizing committee and the Chinese Billiards Association each designate a commercial logo.

12. Any behavior that violates laws and disciplines and violates morals and ethics is strictly prohibited.

13. Those who violate the above requirements will be disqualified from the competition.

10. Rewards

1. Men’s Qualifying Tournament Bonus (before tax)

1) Champion: 5000 yuan + certificate

2) Second place: 3000 yuan

3) 3-4 people: 1,000 won

4) 5-8 people: 500 yuan

5) 9-16 people: 300 yuan

2. Men’s race main race (before tax)

1) Champion: 50000 yuan + trophy + certificate

2) Second place: 20000 yuan + certificate

3) The second runner-up: 10,000 yuan + certificate

4) Palace Army: 10,000 yuan + certificate

5) 5-8 people: 5000 yuan

6) 9-16 people: 3000 yuan

7) 17-32 people 1,500 won

8) 33-48 people 800 won

9) 49-64 people: 500 yuan

3. Women’s race main race (before tax)

1) Champion: 20000 yuan + trophy + certificate

2) Second place: 10,000 yuan + certificate

3) The second runner-up: 5000 yuan + certificate

4) Palace Army: 5000 yuan

5) 5-8 people: 3000 yuan

6) 9-16 people: 1500 yuan

7) 17-32 people: 800 yuan (established by more than 48 applicants)

11. Points management measures (to be notified separately)

12. The interpretation of this regulation belongs to the Chinese Billiards Association

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