The top 16 of the Chinese billiards championships came out: Chu Bingjie and Dai Yong both lose and stop

On September 18th, the 2019 CBSA Chinese Billiards China Championships sent away many champions on this day, and each produced a top 16 lineup. Chu Bingjie and Dai Yong were both defeated and out, Yang Fan Chen Siming led the men’s and women’s top 16 list.

In the afternoon session, the remaining games of the double-loss phase are played. Chu Bingjie, who entered the defeated division yesterday, was hit again by his powerful enemy Qiu Paomou, losing 4-7 and ending his championship journey early. The same situation also appeared in Group C. When this group gathers six favorites to win the championship, at least two people will definitely lose out. As a result, Wan Tongle and Shi Hanqing became the “victims” of this group. They lost to Chen Zhigang and Yu Longhai respectively, and watched the other four break through from the victory or defeat. In addition, Wang Yun defeated Liu Yang, young player Shen Shenyi upset 7-4 and defeated Wang Peng who was fighting at home. The two famous players also went home today. The most unlucky player in the double-loss phase is the king Daiyong. With the promotion situation in a good situation, Dai Yong suffered a lore in the deciding game of two consecutive games. He experienced the transition from heaven to hell and sent Zheng Song and Shen Chongyang to the top 32. He also followed in the footsteps of his disciple Chu Bingjie. .

Subsequently, the men’s team continued with a round of 32-in and 16-loss. In the single-loss phase, the 16 players from the winning team are seeded, and the players from the losing team are drawn in a mixed draw. Among them, Wonder Boy Wang Yun only took 1 time

At a young age, he defeated Zheng Xiaohuai 9-3 quickly in a confrontational battle and became the first player to enter the top 16. After that, the teenager Lei Yiwei also followed Wang Yun’s pace into the next round. Except for Qiu Paomou, Shen Shenyi, and Zhu Long to open the score gap early

In addition, the rest of the games are quite stalemate. Despite the downturn, the bald Yang Fan came from behind to defeat Shen Chongyang 9-7. Liu Chuang beat Jiangxi teenager Wang Yuheng 9-8, Shan Hongyu defeated He Wenchong 9-7.

The women’s team only played the rest of the double-loss stage and produced the top 16 lineups. Due to the disparity between strengths and weaknesses, the situation is relatively clear. The champion and runner-up of the Chinese World Championships Chen Siming, Wang Ye, the former World Championship champion Baige and the last Chinese

Championship runner-up Cong Jing collectively broke through from the victory. However, Chen Siming and Cong Jing still encountered slight obstacles in the promotion round, and both defeated their opponents through a deciding game. Only Wang continued to perform strongly and swept 5-0.

Relatively speaking, the masters who fell into the defeat seemed more comfortable. Han Yu has successfully advanced through two big victories, especially in the game against the teenager Fan Langtong, who also played a very competitive performance. In addition, Jing Siya, Shi Tianqi, and Zhang Muyan also offered a 5-0 sweep. Among them, the teenager Zhang Muyan defeated his opponent in chaos in the match against Pan Lantian and could not fight back.

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