Billiards Women’s Masters Chen Siming wins this gender battle and defeats the male star

Anthony Microphone Gil expects to build a new training center in Glasgow with Robert Higgins and Stephen Maguire. Since entering the post in 2010, Microphone Gil’s career development has been ups and downs, and soon he personally experienced a season of poor performance. For the reasons, Microphone Gil expressed his lack of expectations.

The Scotsman, born in 1991, was a regular customer in the top 16 in the world. The biggest performance was to reach the quarter-finals of the World Championships in 2015. In the whole process, he replaced the defending Marco Sai. Erby, in the 2016/17 season, you have been winning both the ranking championships in the single limited time and the Indian Open. It can be said to be a strong energy of the British Association. As everyone knows, he was never in all competitions in the last season. Promote to the top 16.

He is also looking for changes, working with Higgins and Maguire’s outstanding compatriots to improve his training and encourage him to pick up his passion. “People interact very well, and it’s really good to practice with them. It’s easier to invest time in the morning and money.” The 28-year-old Microphone Jill is very satisfied with this approach. Excellent football players, I can benefit a lot from practicing with them. It’s strange if I don’t become talented, but I can’t think of so many football players beyond me, so there are no outstanding results. I have to try to find that kind of feeling. ”

“Stephen (Maguire) and I have practiced very much. People bet 5 Euros per round. At this stage, I have been losing, and I have worked hard but I have failed miserably, but I still enjoy the whole process. People have already practiced twice. It’s a bit embarrassing to lose all the time, but it also shows that I am still trying hard and making changes. It is beneficial to make my practice very competitive.”

Four years ago, Microphone Jill made a major measure in lifestyle: adding John Alberton and Neil Robertson’s vegan working group, no longer taking and applying small animal crafts, he recalled In the scene at that time, from expressing one’s own momentary conception, from the perspective of social morality, one should no longer eat meat.

“That was one day in June 2015. It was a night of rock music. I was still brushing the oil pipeline at random. Then I searched the’slaughterhouse’ in a mysterious way. The video I saw was really shocking. Then I watched a movie called The film “Citizens of the Earth” asks me to open my eyes. I feel very ashamed. I am very clear that even if I become a vegetarian, I can’t be the first productive force, but I don’t want to become a part of meat consumption. It was a decision made by Shen Bei. In fact, I am not eating very physically and mentally now, but my literacy realist has nothing to do with physical and mental health. I can pay more attention.”

“So this matter completely overturned my previous thoughts. Before, I thought that a meal without meat is not a serious meal. I eat sausages for breakfast, chicken breasts for lunch, and lamb for dinner. My changes are also rapid. At first, I was very radical and liked to bring others to vegetarians with me, but now I don’t want to impose this on others. Everyone often has their own set of consciousness and ways of doing things. I can take it seriously. Now I don’t always talk about vegetarianism, I just need to be good.”

You must manage yourself in the mouth, but not in the ears. Song is one of the greater hobbies of Microphone Jill besides snooker. Compared with modern music, his taste is mainly concentrated in the 70s, 80s and 90s. His appearance music is the “Charming Man” sung by TheSmiths, one of his favorite bands. Recently, Microphone Jill asked Balloran of Glasgow to appreciate the live performance of the orchestra’s top guitarist Johnny Marr, and commented on it as an unforgettable personal experience.

“Baroland is a peculiar area. As soon as you walk in and step on the wooden floor, you will feel its sense of history, time and history. It is very representative.

People from the storm and the orchestra have performed that,” Microphone Jill, incarnate as a fan, strongly recommended, “When I went to see Johnny Marr, it was very quiet at first, and the area was empty for more than an hour and a half. I secretly grabbed the front seat. , But ten minutes later everyone came in. As soon as he got up, I got goose bumps. He was a myth, my favorite guitarist, and that was one of the happiest nights of my life. ”

“I feel that many of today’s songs are purely to make money. It is very different from before. Now I am listening to Neil Young’s songs. Whether he is rich or not, he is always doing what he loves.”

Microphone Jill also has a hobby of playing Go, which is similar to snooker-after all, it is all about analyzing the situation in the field, honing the intelligence, defensive tactics, and thinking ahead. Steve Richardson, the 6th World Championships champion, used the chess master as a relief, and also fancy duels with others based on the post method.

Today, smart technology has made mobile games easier and more convenient. Microphone Jill will play free online games against people from all over the world on the phone. “Steve once compared snooker to the chess master on the table. It is very brand image. When the safety ball is resisted, it is just like the game of Go. There are many choices in some situations. Although the ultimate implementation is critical, But making the most appropriate choice is equally critical,” she said.

“My favorite scene when playing a chess master is to find out that the enemy has made a wrong step and make me know what to do. If I play on my mobile phone, I will ridicule the enemy before defeating the enemy. At the practical level, snooker is much more valuable than chess. In chess, you can stretch your fingers to achieve the actual effect you want, while in snooker you can score accurately, and you must punish the enemy for incorrectness.”

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