What is the fourth snooker contest? China’s four races have the potential to top

Xingpai pool table. Golf and tennis matches often have “four grand slams”, while billiards can only have “three matches” so far. If billiards can also play a four grand slam, which event can be selected?

Snooker.org, a technology professional snooker news media, conducted a survey on social networks: Which event do you think can become the fourth largest game?

The options include four competitions, all of which are from my country, including the China Open, my country Open, International Open and Shanghai Masters. Up to now, the China Open has the most votes, with 37% of the 207 votes applied. These are the oldest events in ancient China. They were held as early as 1997. Although they were temporarily suspended afterwards, they were restored after the new millennium and have been maintained so far.

And the awards of the China Open have also risen sharply in recent years. The current championship awards have already exceeded 200,000, exceeding 225,000, and the total awards have exceeded 1 million. It was once the second highest competition in the world championships. Under the condition that the global ranking is calculated according to the bonus, it is obvious that this is the second largest competition and there is no problem.

There are many other competitions. The Shanghai Masters has won 23% of the elections. This is an event that has a history of more than 10 years. In the past two years, it has changed from a ranked competition to an open competition, but the rewards have increased significantly. The championship reward reaches 200,000. Especially in O’Sullivan, he is very fond of it, and will continue to use it as the season opener for two years. The national championships received 29% of the application, and its championship awards exceeded 175,000. The Chinese Championship, which has the least amount of time in history, received 11% of the elections, and its championship prize was 150,000.

It can be seen that in the context of more and more events being held in our country, people in the circle have long felt that they should choose one of the events here and turn it into a competition that goes hand-in-hand with the traditional three competitions to further promote This fitness sport is developing in China. With the gradual improvement of this kind of event accumulation, it will not take long to estimate that the fourth Grand Slam will continue to emerge in it.

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