India’s Saiyudlu passed the risk, Zhou Yuelong scored 141 points in a single stroke, and still had a round trip

News from the official website of the Xingpai China Billiards Association. On the second day of the 2017 Snooker India Open, Chinese players were both happy and worried. Yu Delu narrowly defeated England veteran Milkins 4-3, and Zhou Yuelong, who broke the game’s highest score with 141 points in a single stroke, lost 2-4 to the Norwegian star Ma Fulin, and had an unfortunate round with Li Xing and professional rookie Niu Zhuang. tour.

At last year’s Scottish Open, Yu Delu won five consecutive games and reached the top four. It was also the first time he came to the semi-finals of the rankings in five years of his career, showing a gratifying upward momentum. He maintained a positive attitude in the new season. In the Paul Hunter Classic last month, he swept Bingham 4-0 in the first round, leaving a very painful memory for the 2015 world champion.

Now moving to Visakhapatnam, the port city on the central east coast of India, Yu Delu, currently ranked 50th in the world, looks calm and calm. Tied the score twice.

In the fifth game, Milkins scored 64 points. Yu Delu scored 78-73 with only 5 points to take away the opponent’s fast-handed game, and achieved a 3-2 overtake, taking the lead in winning the match point. The 41-year-old Milkins single-stroke 73 points to drag the game into the final game. In the deciding game, Yu Delu finished 67-18 with a better chance, so that Yu Delu narrowly defeated the runner-up of the 2014 Ruhr Open 4-3 and advanced to the top 32.

Zhou Yuelong, currently ranked 29th in the world, is the fourth-highest player in the Chinese Legion. For a rookie who has only transitioned into the profession for more than three seasons, this is a very remarkable result. However, he encountered a tenacious resistance from Ma Fulin that day. The Norwegian star scored the first 70 points in a single stroke. Then he won the second game 76-17 and opened with a strong 2-0.

In the third game, Zhou Yuelong found an opportunity to make a decisive shot, cleanly blasting a single shot with 141 points to refresh the game’s highest score. However, the good times didn’t last long. Ma Fulin, who had a great touch with 76 points, suppressed the momentum Zhou Yuelong had just recovered. The Norwegian took the lead in winning the match point 3-1.

Zhou Yuelong did not back down under the critical situation, and succeeded in chasing points in the fifth game using Ma Fulin’s mistakes. In this game, he made a mistake and left a wide-angle black ball. However, the Sichuan teenager did not hesitate to use an extra-long pole to make it thin and score 51 points to save a match point. Helpless opponents are in very good condition today. In the sixth game, Ma Fulin won with 57 points on a single stroke. In the end, Zhou Yuelong lost 2-4 and stopped in the first round of the main match.

This season, Niu Zhuang, who has just turned professional this season, was swept out by the world’s 11th ranked Northern Irish star Mark Allen, who scored 83, 89 and 79 points in a single stroke in the last three games.

Last month, Li Xing, who had just set a new professional record in the Chinese Championships and broke into the top 4 in the rankings, failed to continue this momentum. He lost 1-4 to the 43-year-old Northern Ireland veteran Green, and hurried out with Zhou Yuelong and Niu Zhuang. .

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