Welsh match Ding Junhui avoids hardship and rebounds, O’Sullivan grabs points

The 2020 Snooker Welsh Open will be held this week. In the past three matches, Ding Junhui, who lost to Donaldson for three consecutive times in two rounds, is in desperate need for a rebound in his state, and O’Sullivan also needs to fight for more points to get the next two rankings. Eligibility for the competition. Robertson, who is currently in hot form, continues to hit the championship with three championships, two championships and one Asian record. Trump, as the only player who has defeated the Melbourne Machine in the past three weeks, will naturally aim for the championship trophy. The World Snooker Tour (WST) and the World Professional Billy and Snooker Association (WPBSA) have decided to raise funds for patients with the new type of pneumonia in China. For every single shot scored at the Welsh Open, 1,000 will be given away. The pound sterling (approximately RMB 9013) for charity.

The Welsh Open is the last stop of the four local series this season. All 128 professional golfers directly enter the main game. The first round to the 1/8 finals are 7 games and 4 wins in short games, which is full of upset. However, the past few years have not produced a dark horse championship. Last year, Robertson defeated Bingham for the second time. Higgins, as the most successful player in the event, has won five times, and O’Sullivan has reached the top three times.

Ding Junhui won the Wales Championship in 2012 when he defeated Selby 9-6 in the final. But now Ding Junhui, I am afraid that he is no longer thinking about winning the championship, but to get out of the downturn since the new year as soon as possible. Counting the Masters at the beginning of last year, Ding Junhui has participated in four tournaments since 2020. He has only won one goal in three rounds, and all of the past three ranked tournaments have been lost to Donaldson, who is not very strong. The state is so terrible. It is unavoidable to think that his winning of the British Championships at the end of last year was just a “return to light”.

In this Wales game, Ding Junhui finally avoided Donaldson in the first round and will compete with Fu Jiajun. Although Fu Jiajun’s performance has fallen sharply due to eye problems before, his recent performance has improved. For Ding Junhui, how to get rid of the recent downturn is the key, otherwise a player of the level of Fu Jiajun is fully capable of defeating him. If he can pass, Ding Junhui’s opponent will be between Bond and Walton in the second round, and he will face Jimmy Robertson or Yuan Sijun in the third round. Originally, with Ding Junhui’s strength, it should not be difficult to reach the top 16. Of course, the premise is that he can’t play against Donaldson again. If he can win three games in a row, Ding Junhui may encounter a strong player like Karen Wilson in the 1/8 finals.

O’Sullivan only reached the top 16 in the Grand Prix last week, and is currently ranked 20th in a single season, which is not enough for him to qualify for the subsequent player championships and tour championships. Therefore, in order to quickly improve the ranking, O’Sullivan must strive to win a few more games in Wales. In the first round, O’Sullivan’s opponent was Zhang Jiankang, in the second round he faced Dunn, and in the third round he would face Lv Haotian or Hamilton, with Lisowski behind. In theory, such an opponent would not constitute him too much. Threatened. However, like Ding Junhui, how far O’Sullivan can go in Wales depends entirely on his own state.

Robertson won the European Masters, Grand Prix champion and runner-up of the German Masters in the past three weeks. He reached the finals in all three races and consumed a lot of physical and energy. He also played in the Welsh race with a Buddhist attitude. As the defending champion, Robertson has weak opponents in the first three rounds. He will face the winners of Carter and Perry in the 1/8 finals. How long he can maintain his excellent form is a question, and it is not surprising that he is out early.

World No. 1 Trump is the only player who has beaten Robertson in the past three weeks and won the German Masters Championship. In Wales, Trump and Maguire, Murphy and Mark Allen are in the same zone. The opponents in the first few rounds are weak, but now Xiaote’s state is a bit ups and downs, and there is even one day in the third and fourth rounds. The test of the two wars is hard to predict to what extent.

In addition, in order to express support for China’s concerted efforts to fight against the new type of pneumonia, the World Snooker Tour (WST) and the World Professional Billy and Snooker Association (WPBSA) have made a decision. Welsh Open will meet every time a score is broken. Donated 1,000 pounds (approximately RMB 9013) for charity, I believe that the caring snooker players will also show their offensive ability in the game.

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