Brecher was cursed by thunder and the rockets were not spared

In the early morning of January 15, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Masters ended the first day of competition at Alexandra Palace in London, England. The Belgian star Brechel failed to break his fate and his debut in the Masters ended in a round of tour. However, his approach of carrying two clubs on the court has aroused the interest of many fans, and they have made bold conjectures. After his opponent Mark Allen wins, he will wait for the winners of O’Sullivan and Fu Jiajun in the second round.


Born in 1995, Brecher won the ranking championship for the first time in this year’s Chinese Championships. With a series of impressive results afterwards, his world ranking soared to 11th, and thus qualified for the Masters for the first time.

Against the world number 8 Mark Allen that day, Brecher scored 65 points when he came up, but was then tied by Allen with 86 points. Brecher took a 73-27 lead for the second time, and was beaten back by Allen with 135 and 72 points in a single stroke. In the first six games, Brecher struggled to adapt to the noisy atmosphere of Alexandra Palace and tied 3-3 with Allen, who had twice reached the semi-finals of the Masters.

As the game draws to a close, the new faces of the Masters finally start to be unable to resist. Allen won three games in a row, and in the ninth game, he finished with 120 points on a single stroke, so that Brecher ended his Masters debut 3-6 and stopped in the round of 16.

In this game, Brecher used two clubs to play in turns, which is very rare in snooker events. The fans were very curious about this, and they started to speculate before they knew the real reason.

Some fans think that Brecher may use one club to make a safety ball, and the other club to create a single high score. In any case, the two clubs did not help Brecher break the rookie masters spell.

The    Masters Tournament is regarded as the “three major tournaments” on par with the World Championships and the British Championships. It is one of the most competitive venues. The chances of newcomers achieving results here are very low. Take the professional experience of the 16 players in the current Masters as an example. When the top star O’Sullivan made his debut as a foreign card in 1994, he stopped the wild card round early. But in the second year, he showed his talent to the fullest and won the championship bravely.

Fu Jiajun had no results in the first five attempts. At that time, the Masters was reserved for qualifying. For the newcomers, it was an opportunity and also meant more challenges. Allen also stopped qualifying in the first three years. Higgins failed to make the race in the first two years. McGill, like Brecher, is also the first time to go to Alexandra Palace.

Ding Junhui entered the main match from the wild card round in 2004, and the final step was the first round. Ryan Day either stopped the qualifiers or the first round of the race in the first ten times. Trump, Wenbo Liang, Murphy, Carter, Hawkins, Karen Wilson, Selby and Mark Williams failed to break this fate.

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