The star billiards table has witnessed an 8-shot official 147 in the German Masters so far

The star pool table has witnessed an official 147 of 88 strokes so far, of which as many as 8 strokes were born in the German Masters. Let’s take a look at the story behind these 8 perfect scores.

No. 13: November 22, 2011, the first round of the qualifying round, Mike Dunn


The British veteran not only scored a 5-0 goal against Norwegian Kurt Maflin, but also scored a perfect score in the fourth game. Especially valuable is that Dunn had just recovered from kidney stone surgery at this time.

No. 35: December 11, 2013, Qualifying Tournament, Dechava Putin


He is the second Thai player to play 147 on the star pool table after Wattana.

No. 36: December 12, 2013, Qualifying Tournament, Gary Wilson


Only one day after Putin hit the full score, the then unknown “taxi driver” shot 147, the first of his career.

No. 47: February 6, 2015, quarter-finals, Judd Trump


In the face of the thriving Selby, Trump shot a 147, but failed to take away a victory.

No. 59: On December 8, 2016, the first round of the qualifying round, Ali Carter


The German Masters can be regarded as Carter’s blessed ground. In addition to the 2013 championship, the “Captain” also scored 147 in the 2016 qualifying match against Chinese player Wang Yuchen, which was his first full score on the star pool table.

No. 60: On December 8, 2016, the first round of the qualifying round, Rose Muir


It is not common to have a multi-shot 147 in a day. Such a small probability event happened on December 8, 2016. Only a few hours after Carter hit 147, Muir played a perfect score in the game against Italo Santos.

No. 62: February 1, 2017, the first round, Tom Ford


Tom Ford is known as Mr. 147. He has played as many as 4 strokes of 147 on the star pool table, which is more than many of the top players we know. The 2017 German Masters was his second perfect score on the star pool table.

No. 79: On December 21, 2018, the second round of the qualifying round, Judd Trump


Trump used a perfect score to draw a beautiful end to 2018 and sounded the horn for 2019.

The 2020 German Masters is in full swing, and I look forward to seeing more classic moments in Berlin for the Xingpai pool table.

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