More than a dozen snooker players gathered in Huacheng Evergrande Real Estate to play in the China Championships in Guangzhou last year_snooker_snooker_snooker

On the night of September 24, Guangzhou Evergrande 2018 Global Snooker my country Open kicked off in Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium. Wang Tao, Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association, Liu Chunsheng, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association, Wang Yuping, Director of the Guangdong Sports Bureau, Wu Minchun, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Sports Culture, Global Post Snooker Billiards Association establishment process Hongfusheng, Global Snooker Billiards The head of international business of the limited liability company Miles Pierce and the deputy chief strategy officer of Evergrande Real Estate, Guangzhou Evergrande Sports Group President Shi Junping, leading cadres and special guests signed up for the opening meeting and kicked off the competition.

It is understood that the total prize money of the 2018 Global Snooker my country Open has reached 725,000, attracting 72 players from the world’s strongest competition, and covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world according to the three-dimensional broadcast of online media. An international A-level competition organized by the Ball Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, and the Global Post Snooker Research Association, organized by the Guangzhou Sports Bureau and co-organized by Evergrande Real Estate.

The reporter learned that Evergrande Real Estate, which has been co-hosting the Global Snooker my country Open for three consecutive years, has been committed to promoting the development trend of mass sports. Evergrande Football has won 16 championships in 8 years, including two championships in Asia, maintaining seven consecutive championships in the Super League, and becoming the number one and world-renowned football team in Asia; Evergrande Football School has introduced an elite team of top coaches in the world to build a high A high-quality international competition service platform, free admission for elite football players aged 9 to 17, contributing to shaping football stars and transforming the development of China’s national football; Evergrande Women’s Volleyball Team has won various championships from all over the world, shaping the transportation for the Chinese National Youth Team Many main players. Guangzhou Evergrande also sponsored various major events such as the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race and the Global Table Tennis Open.

After the successful conclusion of the previous two competitions, the Guangzhou Evergrande China Championships ranked “international” with the top lineup and management level, and became one of the largest, medium-sized and most prestigious competitions in the post snooker series. , Also dedicated a beautiful new personal business card for the sports and cultural name of Guangzhou, which was widely praised. Chen Yingbiao, the person in charge of the Ball Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, and the leadership team felt that “The Global Snooker my country Open has a positive effect on the popularization and marketing of billiard fitness in my country and the world, and it has a positive effect on building a corporate image in a big city. Promoting the national fitness work and the development trend of sports are also proactively promoted.” The establishment process of the Global Post Snooker Association Hongfusheng fully affirmed the competition and the organizer Evergrande Real Estate: “Like the Guangzhou Evergrande my country Open Such an outstanding competition must have outstanding partners. People sincerely thank the title sponsor advertiser of the competition and the key partner Evergrande Real Estate. They hope that they can achieve long-term and successful collaboration.”

Shi Junping, Deputy Chief Strategy Officer of Evergrande Real Estate, President of Guangzhou Evergrande Sports Group, expressed that under the specific guidance of the General Administration of Sports and the Chinese Billiards Association, the Guangzhou Evergrande Snooker China Championships is based on “government departments specific guidance for the company to host the game.” The successful way has set a precedent for the introduction of snooker events, and it has become an international A-level tournament with the largest level in my country, the strongest lineup, the richest rewards, and the most harmful. Guangzhou Evergrande has the self-confidence to play the snooker championships and lead to the role model of sports culture in the world. It is also a Chinese sports brand that has made it global attention by its work ability, and contributes to the capital construction of Guangzhou’s international sports culture. A new beautiful personal business card.

On-site reporters were informed that the ticket market for matches released on was popular. The opening day of the 2018 China Championship coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, tickets for the first game of Ding Junhui, Higgins and other well-known basketball stars are sold out early . CCTV5, CCTV5+, Guangdong TV Sports Station and celebrities conduct free online live broadcasts of the event. Eurosport 1 and 2 broadcast the China Championships, and the data signal dissemination covers the entire European scene.

In the first qualifier before the opening meeting, the defending and Danish super genius Luca Brechel won Joe O’Connor 5 to 1, and Chinese general Liang Wenbo defeated Alfie Burton 5 to 4, a wild card contestant. Chang Bingyu defeated Jimmy Robertson 5 to 3, Xiao Guodong swept Marco Richardson 5 to 0, and they all advanced smoothly.

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