German Masters: Trump and Selby easily pass Yan Bingtao lore to kill Fu Jiajun

The German Masters Qualification Tournament completed the first round of all competitions. In the second competition day, Trump, Selby, Higgins and others all won big wins, but Hawkins and Gilbert were still upset in the Top16. Eliminated; 6 Chinese players entered the next round of snatching. Among them, Yan Bingtao eliminated Fu Jiajun, and Zhao Xintong shot a “quasi-full score.”

Trump faced Daniel Wells this round, and he was won by his opponent when he came up. Afterwards, he began to gradually find the touch, tied, surpassed and gradually established an advantage. In the final victory, he shot one stroke and broke 100. Won the game 5-1; Selby completed a zero seal against the Chinese player Fan Zhengyi. I scored 78 points with two shots. In the competition, he used a snooker to get his opponent to solve more than a dozen times, and accumulated 48 penalties. There are many points; Higgins, Allen and Murphy respectively won and upgraded. There were not too many waves in the competition, but no one could dedicate a single shot to break a hundred.

Of course, a game day without upsets is not perfect. Barry Hawkins has carried this burden. In this game, he faced amateur Ross Bullman. The two played in the first round of the European Masters a few days ago. When they met, Hawkins was successful 5-4 at the time, and entered the German Masters qualification round, Bulman finally broke this time, he won three consecutive games in the scattered beat of the competition, and finally suppressed one shot. Master Huo, who had a top 100 performance, successfully advanced to the next round.

The other “hard drive” is David Gilbert. Coincidentally, Gilbert’s opponent Jordan Brown also had a confrontation with him in the first round of the European Masters qualification round that just finished. It was Brown who won at the time. But God gave Gilbert the opportunity to take revenge so quickly, but he didn’t want to grasp it. He took the lead all the way from 2-1 to 4-3, but in the end he was still overturned by his opponents. The irony was that Gilbert shot two over 100 and one. With 94 points, he was actually the best among the Top 16 players on this day, and he even had 50 points in a single stroke in the deciding game, but he still lost. Gilbert went from Northern Ireland to the British Championships and then to the last two races. All were eliminated in one round. As long as the results were good in Scotland, in the last two months of 2019, he played “I want to go home early. “Potatoes”.

As for the Chinese players, Zhou Yuelong was the first successful player on this competition day. He scored 133 points in a single stroke in the first game, and finally closed the Ukrainian boy Boyko 5-0; Zhao Xintong scored 137 points and 3 in one stroke. -1 tie, was stubbornly forced by veteran Dahdi to close to the decisive game, but in the final competition, Zhao Xintong played well. After Dahdi scored 1 red and 1 color, Zhao Xintong completed the full clearance of the remaining balls on the table. 14 red and 14 black, 139 points per shot; in addition, Browning also beat James Cahill 5-4.

There are still several civil wars on this day. Among them, Yan Bingtao beats Fu Jiajun 5-4 with 130+; Tian Pengfei also fought Lei Peifan in nine rounds and won by thrilling victory; Yuan Sijun eliminated Chen Feilong 5-3. Several other Chinese teenagers, Chen Zifan, Luo Honghao and Chang Bingyu, were all eliminated.

On December 22, the German Masters Qualification Tournament will start the second round of grabbing, which will also be the last competition day of 2019. There are 11 people left in the Chinese Legion. Zhou Yuelong will start a derby with Yuan Sijun, while Zhao Xintong will play against Karen Wilson, Li Xing will play against Higgins, Tian Pengfei will play Maguire, Xu Si will play Gary Wilson, and Yan Bingtao will play Brechel. It is a tough battle. It is only theoretically possible to tie the results of 10 people getting tickets to the main race in the last stop. Ding Junhui’s opponent is Matthew Stevens, and Liang Wenbo will face McGill.

The complete results of the second match day of the first round of the German Masters Qualifying Tournament:

Zhou Yuelong 5-0 Boyko, Higginson 5-3 Ryan Day

Dell 5-1 Tu Zhenlong, Zhao Xintong 5-4 Dahdi

Yuan Sijun 5-3 Chen Feilong, Katie 5-2 Luo Honghao

Clark 5-2 Sagitt, Dot 5-4 Steadman

Hillani 5-4 Baird, Browning 5-4 Cahill

Tian Pengfei 5-4 Lei Peifan, George Wu 5-0 Joyce

Bond 5-2 Hayfield, Selby 5-0 Fan Zhengyi

Trump 5-1 Wells, Carrington 5-0 Chen Zifan

Gould 5-4 Walton, Mark Davis 5-2 Chang Bingyu

Murphy 5-2 O’Connor, Brown 5-4 Gilbert

Celtic 5-3 Peter Lanes, Pinches 5-3 Li Junwei

Higgins 5-1 Stefano, Yan Bingtao 5-4 Fu Jiajun

Perry 5-2 O’Brien, Bulman 5-2 Hawkins

Brecher 5-3 Hescott, Allen 5-3 Ma Fulin

Sancam 5-4 Dunn, Philippiac 5-4 O’Neal

Green 5-3 Lee Walker, Grace 5-4 Astri

Source: China Sports Pool Gang

Signature: Star Billiards

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