Xingpai Chinese Ranking Tournament Women’s Final Drags Yu Tingzhou’s Intelligence Competition

On June 22, the 2013 Star Harpu Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Jiangsu Station entered the final stage of the competition. Due to the drag in the women’s finals, the men’s finalists Zhou Quan and Yu Ting, who had nothing to do off the field, resolved the pre-match pressure through crazy guessing pictures.

The two of them are fascinated by the “weapon”

The women’s finals that took the lead today seemed to be twists and turns. After the start, Zhang Xiaotong took the lead in entering the state and quickly achieved a 5-0 lead. After that, Cong Jing struggled to catch up, and the situation on the court became extremely stalemate. The 11-game grab in this game was originally expected to end before 12 o’clock, but so far the two sides have reached a 7 tie. The men’s finalist Zhou Quanhe Yu Ting, who came to the stadium early, had to use crazy guessing games off the court to relieve the pressure before the game.

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