Yan Bingtao beat Zhang Yong 6-1 in the first round of the British Championships, Ding Junhui was reversed

On the morning of November 29, Beijing time, on the first day of the British Championships, Yan Bingtao continued his recent good form, beating Zhang Yong 6-1 to advance to the top 64; Ding Junhui lost 5 games after holding the match point 5-1. It was reversed brutally.


At the just-concluded Northern Ireland Open, although the 17-year-old Yan Bingtao lost to Mark Williams, one of the 75 bests, he failed to win his first ranking championship, but he became the most in the history of snooker. Young ranked finalist. Less than two years after he moved into the profession, he has risen to the 27th in the world ranking and has become a powerful new snooker star.

Came to the British Championships, Yan Bingtao’s state of bravery remained undiminished. In the derby against Zhang Yong, he was fully dominant. In the first game, he scored 78 points on a single stroke and then scored 103 points on a single stroke to start the game 2-0. Only in the fourth game, Yan Bingtao lost to Zhang Yong 38-71, which was the only time he lost points in this game. Then he won three consecutive games 70-4, 68-61, 79-4, and finally defeated Zhang Yong 6-1 to advance to the top 64.


This season, Ding Junhui was in poor condition due to eye diseases. After experiencing a “round trip” at the Daqing National Championships and the Championship Invitational, he withdrew from the Shanghai Masters and gave up the Northern Ireland Open. In the first round of the British Championship against Northern Ireland veteran Fernandez, although he lost the first game 39-70, he won five games in a row afterwards, 5-1 holding a large number of match points, playing the style of champion. But just as everyone felt that Ding Junhui won steadily, a dramatic scene was staged. Ding Junhui lost five games in a row, was reversed, and suffered another “round trip.”

Ding Junhui has twice reached the top of the British Championships in 2005 and 2009. It is really regrettable that he stopped the first round this time. I hope he will actively adjust his state and look forward to his gorgeous return!

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