Ding Junhui enters China finals for three times, transforms from China Ding into confident Ding

Sent from Beijing facing the veteran Dunn, who has reached the top four in the rankings for the first time in his career, the host Ding Junhui has no mercy. In the end, he closed his opponent 6-0 and won the semi-finals of the Snooker China Open last night. Today, Ding Junhui will compete with Robertson for the championship.

42-year-old Mike Dunn is one of the few professional snooker players from the United States today. He was upset with Xelby the night before. It was his first time in 22 years to enter the semi-finals of the rankings, and the veteran shed tears. Before the start of the semi-finals last night, Dunn temporarily visited the training room with Alberton, who has dominated the Chinese Open twice, and “Mr. King” told him that he must relax his mind. Despite this, Dunn still seemed very nervous and walked out of the arena to smoke and relax before the game.

But in the face of Ding Junhui, whose cold improved and his condition was on the rise, Dunn was unable to parry, and eventually defeated at a speed of 0-6. Including the intermission, the entire game only took 150 minutes. Dunn was the first to get started in the last three games, but too many mistakes made him give up his advantage every time, and Ding Junhui’s steady rhythm and good touch made the outcome completely lost.

“In the UK, I sometimes practice with Dunn. I know his level very well. He played very hard in the first half, but after 0-4, he was a little relaxed in his mentality. Some balls played more casually. I The whole person relaxes too.” Ding Junhui said after the game, “I know my chances of winning will be greater, but I am still a little surprised by the 6-0 score.”

This is the third time Ding Junhui has reached the finals of the China Open after 2005 and 2010. Coincidentally, when Ding Junhui won the championship here for the first time in 2005 and became famous, he also scored an amazing score in the semi-finals – sweeping Dahdi 6-0. Will history repeat itself? “I think it’s just a coincidence, and it doesn’t explain anything. Robertson is a very tenacious player. I have watched some of his games in the past two days. The cold is not the main factor that affects his playing. I will still treat him as a healthy player. Robertson to look at it.” Ding Junhui said.

Today, Ding Junhui will meet again with the world’s temporary No. 1 “Melbourne Machine”, who easily defeated Carter 6-2 yesterday afternoon. In last year’s Shanghai Masters and India Open, Ding Junhui defeated his opponents on the way to advancement and finally won the championship. The match record made Ding Junhui more confident: “From Shanghai, India to Chengdu, I believe in my own strength more and more, and I believe that I can go to the end every time I play a match.”

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