The Rockets set small goals: 7 or 8 World Championships and 37 rankings to break hundreds of thousands

The 2017/18 season is drawing to a close, and O’Sullivan, who is regarded as a snooker wizard, is going farther and farther on the road to create a legendary life. In the just-concluded 2018 Snooker Players Championship finals, he defeated Murphy, one of the post-80s leaders, 10-4, and once again took over the championship trophy representing the highest honor.


“In the final, O’Sullivan was not in his best form. He didn’t even break a hundred shots.” After the game, the harsh British media made the same comments on O’Sullivan’s performance. In fact, it has become the norm for O’Sullivan to win over a strong opponent when his condition is not optimal. This alone is enough to frustrate all opponents.

The Players Championship is the 18th ranked tournament this season. For O’Sullivan, who missed nearly half, this is only his 10th. However, in these 10 races, he won 5 championships, and his super-high championship rate eclipsed all his opponents. In the other five stations, he reached the top 8 three times. It can be said that if you do not come, you must take away a lot of bonuses, and you must not leave empty-handed.

On the single-season money list, O’Sullivan topped the list with £798,500, more than twice that of Williams, who ranked second. At present, the record holder for the highest prize money in a single season is Selby, which amounts to £932,000. Next, the last two ranking tournaments of the season-the China Open and the World Championships-will be their final arena.

Let’s take a look at what the O’Sali text people said after the final. “I played better in the previous season, but I didn’t win so many titles.” O’Sullivan revealed that he reduced his practice and chose whether to participate depending on the situation. I don’t know if this is a smokescreen.

Speaking of Hendry’s 36 titles, O’Sullivan made no secret of his determination. “Compared to the World Championships, this is easier to achieve.” O’Sullivan has five World Championships champions, and Hendry has seven. “There are still several records to be broken. I think I will work towards 7 or 8 World Championships champions. It would be great to break more than 1,000 shots in a single stroke, and it would not be bad to win 37 ranked championships.”

Two days ago, Murphy once claimed that the “92nd” (75 three masters all turned professional in 1992) should end and it is their turn to play the leading role. However, O’Sullivan, who was not in his best form, dispelled his thoughts with a very convincing score.

“If I play well, only John Higgins and Selby can have the same level,” O’Sullivan said lightly.

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