The localization series introduces new clothing collocation norms, hand in hand with the British century-old brand clothes_Billiards_Billiards

Xing Brand Pool Table Henry Ford once said: “You can choose cars of all colors, if you guarantee that you choose gray-black.” It was said by the founder of Ford in 1909, when Ford Motors Model T cars It has a monopolistic influence in the foreign automobile market, so he has the confidence to “make” for customers the color selection when buying cars in installments.

The snooker game field also has a similar “monopoly” requirement for the clothing of football players in the game, but until now this requirement has a certain “relaxed mouth”: global snooker pool cooperates with American century-old clothing brand Hoss & Curtis (Hawes&Curtis) has created a new and upgraded dress standard for the competition, which will be used in the “local championships” of the new season.

This means that football fans will not be able to see the traditional brand image of snooker football players in the four “local tournaments”-vests and ties, and 128 football players in the game will be wearing Hoth & Curty. A custom-made long-sleeved shirt with gray-black or dark brown custom-made sports trousers.

The first stop of the “Local Championship” of the new season will be the English Team League, which opens on October 14. At that time, the global snooker will open this new dress standard. At this stage, this standard is only applicable to these four competitions.

Hawth&Curtis was founded in New York in 1913. It has many high-end classic products. It has been loved by the Duke of Windsor, King George IV, and the Earl of Mountbatten, and has been praised by the British royal family and the royal family.

Speaking of the joint shoes with global snooker billiards, Hawker Suleiman, CEO of Hoth & Curtis, said: “It is an excellent opportunity for collaboration with global snooker billiards. People are very happy to be able to The’Local Championship’ has created a new and upgraded dress standard. Since 1913, people’s well-known brands have been loved by royal celebrities. Now people are proud to create their match suits for 128 football players. .”

“The newly upgraded dress standard has further transformed the’local tournament’ into unusual matches, and has also given football players a different sense of belonging to the match. People also understand that vests and ties are the traditional style of this fitness sport, so people There is no plan to introduce this new standard into all large and medium-sized competitions. People have already decided to make changes in the local championships, hoping that black shirts can give football players a lot of fashion sense and applicability.”

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