Murphy: This season is like the Titanic. I tried my best to avoid crashing into an iceberg.

Xingpai pool table. Sean Murphy lost to Woklin with a 2-4 loss in the Indian Open that ended yesterday morning, and was still unable to distort his own sluggish situation this season.

After the game, Murphy once described the new season as the Titanic, and all he must do is prevent it from falling completely. In addition to reaching the finals in the British League in December of last year, Murphy has already played several rounds in the new season. Several incredible defeats are beyond anyone’s expectations, including the Chinese Open a few days ago. Lost to Adam Stefanov in the qualifiers. This means that he not only loses the qualification to go to Beijing to play, but also misses the Football Players Open and the Touring Open which will start next week.

The 2005 World Championships champion had hoped to go far in the Indian Open. The first 4 rounds of the match between him and Woklin made it 2-2. The scene seemed to be well-matched, but the enemy was in the first 4 games. In 5 innings, he scored 63 points and scored another victory. Although Murphy also scored 56 points in the 6th game, the score could not get rid of the enemy from start to finish. In the end, he lost another game 60-74 and eliminated with a total score of 2-4.

“This season has already come to an end for one thing. The only events I can sign up for this season are the Indian Open and the San Marino League. For one thing, I can only do one thing in the remaining events. , That’s the pursuit of perfection. In every round, I was beaten all over, and every shot was hard. I tried to distort my bad situation, just like the Titanic rotating the steering wheel to prevent it from hitting a glacier. If you are in a bad state, things like this are not easy to change overnight, I must make persistent efforts and hope that the situation can be reversed in the end.”

“I am very demanding of myself. I watched every game of my own, looking for areas where I can improve. This season, my events are very boring, because there are so many mistakes. If you win the championship, everyone Will boast you to the sky.”

“Snooker is a fun fitness sport, so I want to play it beautifully and exaggerate it a bit, and this is why I seem to play it very leisurely on the surface, but in fact I am struggling to survive. . But this season I still won some competitions, so I could have been prepared to use this design style, but the prerequisite is not to cross the line.”

“Now my physical condition is not very good. I have been staying in the house trying to make myself more comfortable. In the morning, I looked out the window and saw the beautiful scenery here. If my body is better, I can come out for a swim. I am indeed very happy to be here in this beautiful and moving regional event.”

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