Miyun Chinese Open Qualifying Tournament: 7 outstanding players from Heilongjiang advanced

Xingpai China Billiards Association official website news September 9 at the Youth Palace in Miyun District, Beijing, the 2017 CBSA Chinese Billiards Miyun International Open Qualifying Tournament entered the second match day. The four-day qualifier is divided into two games to compete for the final players to enter the main race. According to the schedule, the 9th is the second stage of the first game. 16 men and 8 women advance to the main race. Be the first to announce.


This year’s Chinese Billiards International Open only attracted a total of 130 men and 62 women players to register for the competition. To qualify for the precious race, these players need to pass the brutal test of at least three rounds of single elimination rounds. .

In the match that ended on the 9th, Shi Xin from Heilongjiang played well in the men’s team. After defeating Wang Dashuang and Delehei successively, the crucial third game swept Liaoning’s Golden Dragon 7-0 and joined hands with fellow Lu Xin, Chen Huqing and Jin Xudong advanced to the race. In the case of more matches, Yang Ru fell short at the last minute 6-7. Unfortunately, he was beaten out by Chai Yong, who had just won the Beijing Derby, and failed to qualify for the main match. Similarly, Yin Hongxing and Liu Ying, Yang Yuhao and Cui Mingjun also fought to a decisive game. In the end, Yin Hongxing and Yang Yuhao laughed and won a ticket to the main match.

Other male players who passed through and advanced to the top 64 in the main race include Zhang Lei and Chen Qiang from Liaoning, Wang Xiaoqian from Inner Mongolia, Xiao Ma Yang from Shaanxi, Liu Jian and Jin Peng from Ningxia, and Yu Longhai and Wang Yun from Jilin Province. , Shanxi player Qin Liwen.

As for the women’s team, Yu Jinpeng, who just won the women’s team runner-up at this year’s Yushan Chinese Billiards World Championships, started from the qualifying stage at this year’s Open. After winning two more games today, he finally qualified for the race without accident. . In the early stage, Wang Wei, who stumbled two consecutive 5-4 to the last game, could not escape the trick of fate, and lost to Fan Langtong 4-5 to end the trip to Miyun. He Miao and Qi He also played 9 games, and finally Wang Miao from Henan was even better in the race. Shanghai star Ren Qiuyue lost 4-5 to Shanxi player Ma Jiao to stop the qualifying match. Li Mengfan defeated Xu Yuan 5-1 to advance, and Jing Jia eliminated Zhang Lantian with the same score. Two players from Heilongjiang, Wang Yingchao and Wang Meiyu, defeated their opponents to qualify.

More than half of the 2017 CBSA Chinese Billiards Miyun International Open qualifier schedule, players from Heilongjiang played well, occupying 7 seats in the confirmed 24 men and women promotion list. Only 10 men and 3 women are left for the qualifying places, and the competition for the qualifying round will definitely become more intense.

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